Back again!

Rough day today, panic attack while I was out! All I can think about recently is every ache and pain and dwell on it! I've been eating healthy recently and trying to exercise more, feeling a little run down with a sore throat on one side, it's dragging me down! Trying to tell myself I'm stronger than this, me and my partner split up 6 months ago and the first few months was tough being a single mum, no one to moan to when I am feeling anxious (not that he was a great help) you will be ok! Is that it lol.just thought I'd come on for a rant and see how Everyone was doing x


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  • Hi dizzychar, I'm sorry to hear about the split between you and your partner. Relationships always play into our anxiety. It's on the list of life events that can cause anxiety. I know you are stronger than this. It just might be an off day with feeling run down and a sore throat making you feel more fragile. I'm glad you turned to the forum. There is always someone here to tell you "You will be okay" w/o any committed relationship :)

    I'm glad to hear your are eating healthy and exercising. Sounds "all good"...

    Take care of that cold or virus that may be coming on. The commercials say moms can't take a day off but it doesn't say anything about having some "me time". Take care dizzychar. Let us know how you are doing when your throat feels better. xx

  • Thank you agora, ah it's not been easy, I've had a bath and just got into bed, feeling a little less anxious. Still feel rubbish though, think I'm just missing company too. How are you doing x

  • I'm fine char, thanks for asking. Enjoy that less anxious feeling. Sleep well my friend. Goodnight xx

  • Glad your ok, can see it being a long night, in the last hour I've gone from feeling less anxious, to emotional and back to anxious and panicky again 😔 fed up! X x

  • dizzychar, like Jeff1943 said it could be a roller coaster ride. My psychiatrist use to call it free floating anxiety and that's what it feels like. It comes and goes without any provocation from me or at least any that I am aware of. Accept it as not harmful, let it pass and breathe it away. Jeff's right in that they will get bored, you're no fun to fool anymore. They will find someone else to taunt. :)

    Goodnight char, sleep well xx

  • Yes you're right, I will be fine, going To try not to think about it, I've put some tv on and trying to relax now

    Night x x x

  • Goodnight dear. xxx

  • Anxiety can be a real roller coaster ride, can't it dizzychar. It's a tough life being a single mum and I'm sure that causes a lot of anxieties: aches, pains and panicky feelings. I think the thing is to attach less importance to the symptoms you mention, the more you think about them and stress about them the more they bother you because they're driven by fear. So just accept them for the time being and remember all these bad feelings can't damage you, starve them of your attention and they'll fade away. Sweet dreams.

  • Yes it is, that's one habit I've gone right back to doing, I overthink and go over and over my symptoms whenever I've got a minute, it's really hard not to get trapped in your own mind, I have been doing it a lot lately.

    Thanks for your response

    I've tried to change my focus now, watching some tv and seeing if I can switch off


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