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I'm so sick

Sometime i feel like i wanna die, i can't never ever enjoy my life again since i have this anxiety . Sometime i feel good, sometime i feel like I'll die anytime soon . My college life been ruined with this anxiety, my family always see me as a joke, they said i'm just being lazy and act like I'm sick . They don't even want me to go with them because they're afraid that I'll have a panic attack and ruin their moment . So even when I'm very anxious sick condition they just leave me alone at home, they don't support me to go to psychiatrist because they said it's so easy to beat anxiety and panic attack that i don't need any special help . Now I'm home alone feeling very sick .

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One of my worst fear is dieing, my throat feels like my airways are shutting, panic attacks are awful I really understand, I take up to 10 panic attacks a day, and I have serve depression also, keep strong.


what symptoms do you have? sometimes I feel so weak that I honestly think I'll collapse and die. I have a fear of neurological problems like seizures, even though I've never had one. I've had every test done and I STILL think I'm going to die, that's how I know it's just anxiety. It's kind of a funny paradox.



Sorry to hear that you are having a tough time at the moment. Try keep strong and remember there are people on this site that truly understand your situation. Do you have any management techniques e.g mediation, gentle exercise, colouring etc x

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Hi. I am sorry to read about your distress and illness. Unfortunately, there are people, even in our own families, who cannot or will not understand that anxiety disorder is a real illness. It is no something you can see like a broken leg, therefore is does not exist. This type of attitude is even more prevalent in developing nations, where I lived and worked for several years, and where it is quite often difficult to earn enough money to survive, let alone deal with emotional or mental health issues.

Any advice I can give you is quite limited, unless you can fund yourself for therapy or at least to see a psychiatrist for a clear diagnosis.


The good thing about this site is that we all understand what you are experiencing. Please please try to see a doctor or counsellor as they will support you. If your family don't understand it it will be difficult for them to understand how crippling it can be and this could make you feel worse if you dwell on it. Always remember that you are not abnormal, what you feel is a very natural sensation it's how your mind is dealing with it that you need to tweak. It's not easy but do it for yourself. Help is out there. And most importantly you are not alone and you can do this. Believe that. I totally believe that you can conquer this and this and achieve anything you want. Xx


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