Anyone on here suffer from agorophobia? I think I am pretty much there and it freaks me out. The only place I feel semi good is on my couch with someone in the house. I get nauseous at the thought of going anywhere including walks ( I get a headache and shaky). How do I beat this? Will the meds help somewhat? I know I have to force myself but my body is saying no.


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  • That's me right now. I keep thinking about me going out there since I haven't been out for a week... even though these 9 weeks of hell I have forced myself to take my kids to school and run after school errands so I don't know why is so hard today. Also, you should force yourself to do it. Don't let the brain take over your life. Baby steps. What medicine are you on? I think once is in your system it should help.

  • Prozac and Busphar. I also have been able to take my kids to school but that's about it. Update us how your day went today with your psych appointment and errands. I know I must force myself but I think my anxious brain is winning right now ( ugh).

  • Ok I will. I am still in my bed mentally preparing myself since my appointment is at 4

  • I just made myself an appointment to the psychologist for Cognitive behavioral therapy, I am gonna defeat this!

  • noemikahle, I was stuck in the house for 5 years. I finally started CBT which was difficult at first but when I made up my mind I was going to defeat the fear, it happened.

    Good luck. It takes some work on our part but the end result is so worth it.

  • Thanks! I am kind of trying to do this on my own but someone who helps me will be nice!

  • noemikahle, I'm here for you. x

  • Thanks. That's awesome that you overcame this after 5 years! I need to overcome this as soon as possible for my family, the kids deserve a mom who can accomplish things and now my poor husband has to do everything. Please share any insight that has helped you overcome this, all is greatly appreciated. My anxiety symptoms keep changing and it's driving me crazy. I am now struggling with increasing foggy vision with walking and sense of unease, dizzy/ nausea / headache leading me to want to go back to the couch or sit down instantly. I can't really concentrate on anything ( could also be side effect since just started Prozac).

  • EXPOSURE THERAPY! I was agoraphobic for 6-8 months right after being diagnosed with anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. I had like a 5 mile radius around my parents house that I was safe. Anywhere outside that imaginary "safe zone" and I would automatically get a panic attack. If you are not familiar with exposure therapy I suggest you Google it. It definitely is NOT easy, however it is about the only way to over come this agoraphobia. If I can do it and many others can do it then I know you can as well. Be patient! You're not alone.

  • I'm so sorry it's a horrible illness

    I really can recommend reading Dr Claire Weekes books on agoraphobia and starting from there with her wonderful advice They are available from Amazon

    Medication will help but relaxation techniques will help you so much more There are relaxation videos on You Tube for agoraphobia

    Read as much as you can about panic attacks it will reassure you nothing horrible is going to happen to you

    My heart goes out to you as I've been there but I'm also well now

    Please read the book if you can and use it as your guide

    All the very best you can beat this

  • You are NOT alone. I have felt this way to where walking to the kitchen seemed like a mile away. I couldn't even shower, our couch was like my safe island and meds only helped a little. I had to force myself to go out. It's very scary! But I PROMISE you, you WILL get through this phase.

  • Because my panic attacks always happen when I'm outside the house, the agoraphobia was starting to develop. My being outside was associated with getting attacks. Like you, I felt safe being at home. But I didn't want to nurture this fear. So I tried to face my fear in small steps. First, I would sit in the veranda early morning to get some sun heat (which itself is medicine for anxiety) for few minutes. I increase the time of sitting in the veranda the following days. Later, I will go farther than veranda and it goes on. It desensitized my fear. I hope it works for you too. I wish you well and for all the others in the comments who are struggling.

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