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Today I finally went to my psychiatrist for anxiety/depression meds. She has prescribed me with ativan and lexapro. Has anyone noticed side effects with these? Have these helped anyone? I've read reviews on the internet and some are bad and some are good. I know everyone is different but I guess I'm just looking for assurance that these have helped other people so that I can feel comfortable knowing these might help me too.


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  • I've been on lexapro for years! It has been a wonder drug for my anxiety and panic. As far as side effects I haven't noticed any personally.

  • Thank you for telling me! Good to hear

  • Someone on this site told me that lorazepam was her miracle pill..... I hope it works wonders for you! I might ask my doctor to try it

  • Thank you for your positivity!

  • Kaitlin16, Both Ativan and Lexapro are good drugs and are very often prescribed together. I've been on both and currently just on the Lexapro. Like you said, everyone is different but the success of the meds has to do in taking them with a positive attitude. Also, using that time on meds to start therapy or finding other methods of working with your anxiety issues. Keep an open mind to what people say whether positive or negative. That is their story and not yours. Wishing you well on your new meds. x

  • Thank you for your response. I feel better after reading this. My dr wants me to be on just ativan for 1 week, then introduce the lexapro the next week, and then after that I'll stop the ativan due to its addictive qualities. You're 100% correct about the attitude. I must admit that I broke down in tears when I got the prescriptions today just because I never wanted it to get to this point but I do believe that I have no other options and I need to get back to enjoying my life without the awful symptoms of anxiety and depression. Thank you again, wishing you positive thoughts as well.

  • Kaitlin16, your doctor has a good plan for you regarding the Ativan. I too came off the Ativan and just continued on Lexapro. It's been a good drug for me with not having the drugged or sleepy feeling. I'm clearheaded and able to function.

    I wish for you the same. Keep us updated. x

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