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I recently started talking to a holistic Doctor and I've changed my diet up based on my blood type, this has helped so much, (I've already mentioned this in another post) but I'm also advised to check my temp for 5 days immediately upon waking and before I move and I'm surprised to find my temp around 96.1-97 - common symptoms of adrenal fatigue - sarcastic "big surprise", but the diet has helped a lot. Will give updates as they come.


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  • Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ah I like your name. It reminds me of a saying I like, "the same diamond looks different from different sides".

  • Lol! Diamonds are unique that's for sure :)

  • Can you explain the temperature thing in a bit more detail please??

  • Yup, the low body temp is a sign of adrenal fatigue (which most everyone I've met with anxiety has it, even people who don't have anxiety get it) that's from being in an exhaustive state of stress for too long.

    Low body temp is also a sign of thyroid issues too, which can grow off your hormones and produce anxiety.

    So me taking my temp has just confirmed for the doc that I have adrenal fatigue.

    When I take the temp, it has to be checked with a mercury thermometer that's been shaken down the night before and immediately upon waking, I stick it under my arm for 10 mins. I can't even move my head or it would "wake up" my body and the temp reading would be off. I record what it is for 5 days and turn it in. Still haven't turned my results into my doc, but I'll get around to it this week.

  • Thank you so much. Let us know what the doc says. I don't know why but when I have a panic attack I have to make myself feel really cold and then I feel a little "woken up" and focused that's why I was asking :)

  • No prob, and interesting. I usually get cold when I have one. And will do!

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