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Going out

I started getting anxiety two years ago....

It wasn't until around a year ago that I actually stopped going out. I didn't feel like I was having fun anymore. I even started making up excuses as to why I can't even have drinks with a friend. I rather just come home & sleep or come home & read my books.

that has been taking its toll on my boyfriend as well, he loves going out but hates leaving me behind.

today I tried to compromise with him....I told him we could go to his cousins house but I wasn't okay with sleeping over. he just shut the idea down & was like "I know how you'll act so its okay". why does my anxiety have to be used against me?? I'm trying to compromise but he can't even do that. it makes me shrivel up inside, this is why I rather just stay home....

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You have a difficult situation. I've anxiety and depression with my PSDT and am married. My husband began to compromise some about visiting and travel after he saw I was taking positive steps to keep my situation under control so I could visit, travel, etc. to some degree in spite of my concerns.....I have a therapist and take the meds prescribed properly. Every day is an effort and I do take one day at a time.

I wish you the best


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