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Depakote & Sertraline

After answering so many posts on here I do hope someone can now help me. My son who is 38 yrs old has suffered with depression and anxiety for years. Unbeknown to me his has drank for years to. He has been diagnosed with bi polar and was put on Depakote plus his Serraline which he took for years. Since Saturday night whilst at a party he has not stopped drinking. I phoned his doctor as his wife was in a state. We were told to phone the police as he would maybe harm himself. No one wanted this so again yesterday I went round to his house to try and help. We took him to the Police a mental health nurse assessed him and because he was lucid they did nothing but tell him to take his medication and cut down on his drinking. He is self employed and will loose everything. Can anyone suggest anything please. Thank you

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I am sorry to hear this. I hope you can Stay strong for your son and your family, I hope that his episode ends soon and he heeds the advice not to drink. I am sorry I can't help other than to say be proud of yourself for supporting your family.


Thank you, nice to know people like you care xx


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