I finally managed to control a panic attack and stop it completely in 5 seconds. I woke this morning feeling a bit breathless (acid reflux) I was thinking about it and begun to panic thinking I couldn't breathe. From nowhere this calm voice inside just said, stand up. Go make a coffee. This will go in a second because your fine it's all in your head. Just breathe normally. My legs went all funny and the adrenaline suddenly disappeared. All racing thoughts stopped and I immediately felt ok. Feel like I've got somewhere today. Breathing properly is the key. And positive thinking


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  • Way to go!! 👏👏👏

  • You talked yourself out of it !!

  • Well done. :)

  • Well done keep it up you can beat it 👍

  • Well done i suffer same thing breathing with the reflux but then panic. Well done you rock x

  • It's a great thing! I've proven to myself (and I suppose to others) that they can be stopped by the most simple things! If i managed it, so can anyone else. Breathe normally, think positive 😀

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