Shortness of Breath

So today the SOB started again and I'm thinking this is it for me. I decided to take an iron pill since I haven't been taking them (shame on me). Now I'm in panic mode because I've been feeling like I can't breathe all day literally ... just lovely. I've felt this before so I keep telling myself it will go away. Why am I so afraid of the what ifs?


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7 Replies

  • My sob is constant everyday . Idk what it is or why i have it . Im going through the process now to check my heart and stuff . My 48 hr holter monitor came back fine besides some pvcs and pacs . Im ready to get to the bottom of it . It gets so bad sometimes i panic and feel horrible .

  • Hi, Have you checked your iron levels? My Dr. Said an iron deficiency can lead to shortness of breath. Such an awful feeling.

  • Yes all my blood work came out perfect . Its either my heart or anxiety . Trying to figure it out .

  • Hopefully it's just anxiety and you can push through. At least you're taking the steps to get to the root of it.

  • I have episodes of the difficult breathing too, the more I dwell the worse it feels, the more I panic. I often find gas is in my chest and drink a few oz of ginger ale to try to get it up. The mind can convince us of anything! Try eating some crackers like Ritz or Breton, my fav. It is so frightening, I understand....and no rhyme or reason.....

  • Thanks. You're right about the gas. I went to the ER one time and they did an ultrasound of my stomach and saw that there was gas trapped lol. Ginger ale does help but the Doc says it can make it worse and to drink water. I find that ginger ale gives quick relief.

  • ginger ale works faster...if you drink water have it very cold!

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