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This is bad

Anxiety so sick of it have been feeling dreadful for last two weeks then Tues, Wed anxiety free ..But next day came back and have felt even worse. My head is fuzzy cant concentrate thing i do when not anxious are nearly impossible feel awkward like clumsy which is hard when u are trying to do a job as a nurse Hate going to sleep, because dont want to feel that awful dread when I wake up. Million and one things going round my head, can't make decisions.. Has anyone else felt like this ? Help

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Yep you are not alone. I feel this mostly everyday most like other people on here.


Everyday the same your not alone had it for 16 years now god knows how I've coped just gotta keep looking forward and stay positive i know it's hard


You are certainly not alone.i too hate going to sleep because I always wake and feel sick and tearful all day.I keep wondering why oh why


Yes. Anxiety does that to you. Some day are better than others. You just have to believe than, a day at a time, good days will be more than the bad days. BW


Yes. have felt the worst, like bailing out at times but too many people depend on my help so that's not an option. For whatever reason you body and mind are telling you they need respite and to be listened to. Accept that, change things in your life that you feel will help this. Begin to think differently. In, time it will subside. I have recently done this - the symptoms are still with me, balance is off etc. - but i have lost the fear of them and i am making plans again for my life. I even feel an excitement I haven't had for over 3 years! Read (if your eyes allow it) some stuff on positive thought. I believe that, along with lifestyle changes is the way forward. I don't take any meds btw - everybodys choice but I just felt it was something else I'd need to deal with along the way.


jj go to doctors ask can you haveSERTALINE 50mg. . one when you go to bed eat something or have a cup of milk .I am80 years old anx is a fear learn what the fear s are and face your fears its not easy all the beas j j



Anxiety comes in waves we can have good days and then lurking in the background comes the bad days. We seem to focus on the bad but we more than likely have more good days than bad.

Before you go to bed do some breathing exercises and take some time to reflect on your day if need be write your thoughts and feelings down.

Better days to come.

Take care


Love Seyi xxx


know exactly how your feeling Utdfan. I dread going to sleep, I dread having to wake up in the morning. I dread every day, Ive been off sick for a while and the day i have to go back to work, im petrified. Its going to be a million times worse, i dont know how I'm going to do it.For many reasons. Im just so scared. Possibly going back on the 20th. I dont feel I can.

Your not alone. Its a battle, hugs xx


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