Shortness of breath

Hi All, it's almost 2 am here and I woke up out of my sleep feeling short of breath. I did great all day, being out and active. I'm wondering if the Air conditioner made me feel this way, this is my first time sleeping with it on. I was also having negative thoughts before i finally fell asleep. It's like my throat is dry and I can't tell if I'm breathing or not. I'm feeling a bit anxious. This is disturbing


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  • Tanae, It is anxiety, you may have been dreaming something upseting that you don't remember. It happened to me about a month ago, and yes it is very scarey but you are ok. You may have been breathing with your mouth open causing the dry throat. Remember anxiety attacks and panic attacks cannot physically harm you. At the very worst you will faint for a moment and during that moment, your breathing and all will return to normal. Just a serotonin inbalance, you are fine keep the air on.

  • Thank You. You're right I was having a bad dream, I was probably sleeping with my Mouth open lol.

  • That's a horrible sensation. I'm struggling very badly at the moment with feeling like I can't breathe properly or I'm not getting enough oxygen. I often wake up in the night with a really dry throat. It's just because I've been sleeping with my mouth open - attractive! This is totally normal and nothing a glass of water by you'd bed won't fix. I often wake up and need to take a few sips.x

  • Oooohhhh well I hope you feel better and more than likely this is my case too lol.

  • Try looking at this has good ideas about sleep and relaxation. They do ask for a donation at the end but i have got o the end of the programme and have not donated yet xx

  • Okay Great, Thank You. I'm always waking up throughout the night, maybe about 3 times a night lately.

  • This is what I go through too. Iv been to the hospital twice. But I'm a drug user. And I smoke cigarettes.

  • What did they say when you went? I've been for tight chest and they didn't see anything.

  • Its the ice and marijuana which gave me an anxiety attack and smoking will stop your heart too. But I find smoking takes the panic of your heart stopping away.

  • Oooh people were telling me to smoke weed for anxiety but I honestly think it caused it when I was younger. I tried it with my cousins and I inhaled all of it, then started panicking... I was out of it for months and been scared of any drugs since, even prescription drugs lol

  • Don't. Its another method of murder. I'm a pot smoker. Iv suffocated and begged the police to let me live I suffer from depression I live alone and have no family.

  • Oh man I'm sorry you don't have family. That's why it's good you found this forum, there's a lot of informative, helpful, caring people up here that you can always reach out to. I have depression too and it's so annoying. But you don't have to feel alone, there's always someone that can relate ❤

  • Have you tried seeing a therapist?

  • I'm trying to see a GP.

  • Oh okay. That's good and then you can get a referral.

  • It's deffinetly anxiety. I was catching myself holding my breath a lot since this nightmare started. It's like anxiety scares us so bad that makes us believe we are not breathing but we are breathing because if not we would be dead.

  • Just not breathing effectively to enable relaxation. Look up 7-11 breathing which is another life skill...... It got me through a plane journey for my holiday. Will use it again on monday if i need it. 😀

  • Thanks

  • Yes so tru and I was startled out of my sleep so that could be it too.

  • Yes.

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