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Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks

Hi, I am 18 years old and have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety since NYE (2014) due to my cousin passing away Christmas Morning. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had the feeling as if your soul is leaving your body (best way I can describe it), it feels like I'm dying when this happens and it really frightens me which makes me panic more. I have experienced this 3 times, and it happens out of the blue.

I have been to the hospital and doctors for blood tests and had two ECG's and everything came back fine! It's just the feeling of dying that really scares me and I keep having flashbacks of when it's happened to me, and I am wanting to know if anyone else has had this? My anxiety and panic attacks have become a lot worse and I'm starting to get to the point where I can't cope with it any longer.

My GP has prescribed me 80mg Propranolol to be taken once a day, 10mg Citalopram to be taken once a day, and 2mg Diazepam two to be taken twice a day. Nothing seems to be working and my anxiety is getting worse as the days go on. I have been back to my GP and they basically fob me off and say I'm fine, but I really don't feel it.

For the past week I have been feeling so weak, my arms feel numb and my legs are like jelly. I can barely stand for any longer than 5 minutes, it feels like I am going to collapse.

Has anyone else had this before or suffer from it? If so, is there anything that could help me? It is really starting to get to me now.

Thank you :)

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Hi sorry you're having such a rubbish time at the moment. Panic attacks and anxiety are horrible. I live in fear of panic attacks every day. I'm 22 so I'm not much older than you, feel free to message me whenever you want :)

Have you asked your GP into making a referral for you into a local therapy service or maybe researched counselling local to you? Medication can help but it doesn't change the thoughts and ultimately it's the worrying thoughts that cause the anxiety and all the horrible physical symptoms that come with it. Also you mentioned that you just seem to be feeling worse since starting on it. Citalopram can have this side effect for a few weeks so you might have to sit it out for a while unfortunately. I'm also on propranolol and citalopram.

I was having a particularly bad time with my anxiety about two months ago. I felt sick all day and my heart would not stop racing. My skin felt like it was burning and my body felt misshapen and distorted. Anyway, I came across this leaflet and it really helped me to recognise how frequently I think negatively. I would also recommend checking out The Little CBT Workbook.

Have you tried any relaxation techniques? I would recommend the headspace app and, which also has an app. I hope you're feeling better soon. Remember, it is just anxiety and it can't actually harm you. :)


Thank you for your response :)

I have been referred for counselling, I'm actually going to my first session tomorrow so I will have to see how that goes, and the rest. I'll also have a look at the links which you mentioned and give that a read. I suppose I just have to be patient with getting through anxiety, even though it's horrible!

Thank you, again :)

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Oh I have my first ever counselling session tomorrow too, how weird! Good luck for yours :)

Yeah we definitely do have to be patient. I wish there was an antibiotic we could take that would cure anxiety. I spent weeks kicking myself wondering why I wasn't better yet but it's important to show ourselves some compassion really. We're doing well just to get to the end of a day :) keep taking each day as it comes because it will improve.


Hahaha, I know! Thank you, good luck with yours too :)


Yes I ha e had the same fears for years and same feelings. You're young so go and seek all the support you can get. You will beat it xx


I never got help with it, I've had a baby since then and she's now 1! Since having her my anxiety and panic attacks have calmed down. I'll have the odd one here and there but I'm coping so much better now. Thank you 😊 xx


Oh wow! Never thought someone had the same experience! I also have that out of body experience. It's called derealization. While I was having my first panic attack that's one of the things I screamed " my soul is leaving my body" it was the most horrific thing ever and I think I got some type of Ptsd from it because I am back to suffering panic attacks now for a month just by remembering that episode. I been on Zoloft for 4 weeks now and I do not think it's working but remember we have to give these medication time. These meds take a while. According to my doctor derealization ( the out of body experience) comes from anxiety so we have to nip the anxiety in the butt.. it's terrifying and driving me insane.


Sorry to hear you're going through the same! It's such a scary experience isn't it. Mine have calmed down a lot more now, but I will get the odd experience every now and then. Medication will take time, I was literally on it for about 2 weeks until I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, but during the time I took the medication I was worse than what I was before. I've never taken medication for my anxiety/panic attacks since, but everyone reacts to it differently. I hope all goes well for you and if you have any questions or need anyone to talk to you're more than welcome to message me! 😊

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