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Dont want to be alone

Since i have had anxiety i hate been home alone and will do anything to avoid it thr thought of been alone fills me with fear for no reason at all i just dont understand how ive gone from a person who loved been alone to one who avoids it at all costs can anyone shed some light on this please or maybe your going through the same thing it would be great to hear from you,,,, bless

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I've become the same way too. I have a 19 month old son so my fear is being home alone with him and something happening to me while we are alone and not having someone around to help.


Mrdj, I can relate to what you are saying. There was a time that my anxiety was so horrific that I couldn't handle the thought of being alone because of the "what if" thoughts that overcame me. I was so bad that I swallowed my pride and had the 2 little old ladies next door check on me every so often. It was the most humiliating time of my life. I needed to know that I could reach out to someone.

Now that my anxiety is better, the thought may cross my mind but I'm able to push it aside. However, there have a few times that I've choked on something or nearly fell down the basement steps and I think, what if. (those 2 ladies moved, I'm on my own now)

I think this is what you might be feeling. I'm certainly not afraid of the dark and feel I could handle any situation except if I become incapacitated. This is anxiety at it's finest..


Yes agora1 i think your right i also think its because im afraid to be alone should it lead into a full blown panic attack


I get the same, but mine is at it's worse right now, as I live in a area high on a hill and it's snowing, and I am at the bottom of hill that soon becomes impassable and I fear that an ambulance will not be able to get to me.

And as i suffer with heart AF and irregular heart beat that situation can at times be very common occurrence.


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Good morning stix i feel for you i truly do thank you for taking the time to reply


Strange but knowing others are suffering as well helps you cope in a funny sort of way, as it does make you feel it's only you at times


Stix i totelly agree knowing were not the only ones going through these issues does help a lot and talking about it to people who are going through the same thing and understand you is a big help



How are you ?

Not heard from you just hope things are ok

P x


Hi paulina

Im doing ok work in progress i got the audia book that you told me about what a brilliant book its made me view this horrible thing caused anxiety differently im putting it into practice seems to be working so fongers crossed what a inspiration it has been listen to it all the time on my way to and from work at home , in bed while going to sleep and whenever im on a break at work truly graet book thanks for telling me about it thats enough of me lol hows things been with you

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Glad you managed to get the audio Dare .

It has helped so many people .

I think it is great to help with anxiety and move forward with your life , still have set backs but that is coveted in the audio book also .

I am ok thankyou .

Trying to keep positive and move forward with life as much as possible .

This time last year I was heading to a bad place and have made great progress , moving forward most of the time

Hope It continues and no major set backs ....

Carry on listening to Dare , like you , I put it on in the car , where ever I am if alone ..

It is a great and hopefully will help you move forward and take away some of the fear you have experienced .

Happy days ahead for us I hope and others that suffer on this sight 😀


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I went through this last summer for approx 5/6 months ..

I felt frightened , over whelmed , scary feeling in my tummy , tearful , fidgety ..and so on .....

Like you , I was a confident , loved my own space person ..

I really needed to take a grip so .

I down loaded the book called Dare ( audio my preference ), written / spoken by Barry McDough ,

It helped me so much , plus went to see my GP and was prescribed small dose of Amitriptyline (10mg), take in evening ..

This took away my alone fear , and helped with other issues I developed , burning sensation to lower right teeth and jaw ...

It was the worse one of the worse times of my life .

I have since improved a lot , getting a bit nearer to my old self .... bad days / goods ...used to be all bad ...

Hope this helps

Ask any questions and I will try and help you ..

Lots of people on here that care and try to help as they understand due to having experienced similar


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I find being alone sometimes helps with anxiety as I can do stuff that I enjoy without interruption.


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