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24 hour heart monitor

Hello so I had a 24 hour monitor on for my palpations got my results rang the receptionist and they said it was within normal limits, goes to the nurse today for some acid tablets and she said I can't read t but it shows up you had some eptopics lasting 30secs and this had just worried me she said I don't no what it means u will have to speak to your doctor, so now all weekend I'm gunna be constant on Edge, can somebody please who has experienced something similar please explain to me

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Ragarding kirstylous heart monitor- i had one also which was normal but did show the "skipped heartbeats" i was feeling- the cardiologist was totally unconcerned and told me caffeine, stress, illness like colds, etc... can cause them but they are NOT DANGEROUS- i still hate them tho 😬

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