Can't handle it

So like a month ago I started getting back pain where it felt like I always needed to crack my back then it went away but then one day when I got up in the morning it hurt again and I feel like I need to crack my spine or something Ik so scared I have a tumour or cancer I don't want to die I'm too young and I have cried all day today thinking about it. I think I'm going to the chiropractor next week because my family member is one


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5 Replies

  • T123, I'm sorry you have been crying all day today. It's probably making your back more tense. Let us know what the chiropractor says and does next week. Being a member of the family should help relieve your worries. You'll be okay, think positive.

  • I get this sometimes. My spine in that area just needed realigning which the osteopath did and it went. I think we all worry that symptoms could be cancer from time to time and the chances of that with your symptoms are likely to be relatively low. Hope you can worry less now.

  • Thank you this helped alot

  • T123, glad you are seeing chiropractor, sounds like you slept wrong. An adjustment will help .

  • Thank you

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