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Internal jittering/ static sensation all over body

Hello everyone, a few days ago I began feeling this sensation of internal static/jittering. This feeling is internal. My sense of touch is thrown off. I've been under a lot of stress, living in a new city and being so far away from friends and family. I've been dealing with anxiety for months now. Can this feeling be from anxiety? It's so annoying and have had it for a few days now. Any advice how to make it stop?

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This definitely sounds like anxiety. Try and stop introspective thinking, analysis, googling symptoms and start meditating, mindfulness, writing postives down each day, try and find what relaxes you, find distractions, socialising


Thank you! I have been going to counseling and she recommended writing my emotions down my feelings. I will give this a try. I google search like crazy as if I'm looking for reasons to be an anxious wreck. I just want my life back...😞


don't look for reasons, only solutions


I needed this Goldfish_ !!!


I google like crazy too. My doctor, friends, co-workers, & family ALL tell me to stop and I KNOW I should. No good comes from googling my symptoms because naturally I focus on the worst case scenario afflictions. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one that does this. In fact, my most recent google search led me to this site. Probably my best "google" yet. :)

But I'll be honest...most of my google searches lead me down a path that only increases my anxiety. :(


Maybe side effects of medication check with doc or nurse. If it isnt tgen it maybe anxiety and you need to find some peace. Try different ways to get this...meditation, mindfullness, being in nature, talk therapy, music listening to or playing. Find a hobby to take your mind off your stress. Get rid of the stress if you can...learn to say no. Ive started doing some free open university courses called open learn and they really help take my mind off stress and anxiety. I recommend them.


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