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Work/life anxiety balance

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I am currently in a job that I can not stand. I should say it was not always that way. For the last 3 years I have had to change my job completely because the company forced it upon some of us. I have been employed for almost 12 years. My anxiety is sometimes through the roof doing a job that doesnt make me happy. I realize everyday that I need to make a change, but its tough because I worry about finding another job or moving. I might be able to transfer within the company and find a role that I use to in the past. Is it really fair for a company to completely change your job and expect you to feel comfortable in the role and not question why?

I am taking a vacation coming up to do some soul searching and make some decisions about next steps. My boss DOES NOT care if I am happy or not and keeps piling on the responsibilities. The ironic thing is that she promoted me last year and is working to promote me again, but I dont want to do this job! I guess I am good at it but she doesnt really tell me, but just pays me to shut up.

Dont we deserve to be happy? Dont we deserve to be treated fairly? Anxiety exists for a reason to warn us something is just not right in our lives. Its not always this horrible beast. Thanks for listening.

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I got out of a similar job, rather forced out due to a mental breakdown that occurred over the stress and unhappiness I was feeling. I went on disability and then unemployment, enrolled in a college to learn a new career and now in an internship in that new career path. I’m 39. Scared to start over and extremely grateful!

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I am trying to stick it out for a few more months due to certain financial incentives, but I know someone that is leaving. This will create MORE responsibility for me when they leave and I cant even imagine how that is going to feel. My boss keeps asking me to take on my responsibilities and I just dont feel motivated to continue. She will not fire me, but can be very threatening and intimidating. Its a toxic environment and I need to leave, but of course I need to work.

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I'm 38 and want to find something that I will at least enjoy waking up and be like okay time to go to work. I get up and go to work now but I'm not happy and haven't been happy for years. But nothing else interests me either or at least I haven't found it. Plus I talk myself out of things due to overthinking and calling myself names.

How did you come about this new career path? I wish you the best of luck in it!!

I am sorry you are going through this. There is always some point in a lot of people's lives where we do not like the job we have. Have you talked with your boss about the way you feel? Maybe if you talk to them, they will understand and quit piling so many things upon you. I hope everything gets better!

I know how you feel! I hope you enjoy your vacation and get some good soul searching in!!

I'm trying to do the same! I hope you find something.

No. it's not productive to stay like this. You can read this interesting article: functional-medicine.associa... Hope it will shed light upon some views.

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