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Anxiety gets less at night

Hi All I've been struggling with anxiety for about 8 months. I find my thoughts racing, I can't do stuff I used to like walk my dog, gym or even grocery shopping or eating properly. I have been working by myself from home. I've now managed to get a new job which will

Start soon. I thought once I got the job my anxiety would go but it hasn't. It's really bad until about 5pm then it goes away. The mornings are brutal I can barely get up. Does anyone else have this sort of anxiety?

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Hello. I have anxiety/depression. It has taken over my whole life. It affects my bowels, my stomach--all of me really. I have lost over 14 pounds in weight. I sob my heart out nearly every morning and am scared by every normal thing I used to do. I am retired now but, if I had to go to work, I wouldn't be able to. If you have this condition, it affects your physical body as well as your mind. Do you think you are depressed as well as anxious? If you are, you need to see a doctor. You may need medication to help you. Unfortunately medication takes a few weeks to start working. I've been on tablets for 3 weeks with no sign yet of improvement. It's a low dose so my doctor said he'd put me on a higher dose if needed.

It is a horrible illness which can take over your whole life. Please seek help as it's not likely to get better on its own. I am here if you need someone to talk to who understands what you are going through. Myra.


Thank you Myra. I tried medication but it made me worse. I live alone and it made me suicidal. I am seeing a therapist and I hope it's making me better. I'm sorry to hear of your worries. My therapist told me thoughts are not facts. I'm

Hoping that's true.



You are right to try anything that helps you. All I would say to you is that there are many different meds. Two of the ones I've tried were horrible and affected me in a bad way so I know that can happen. Everyone is different but I still advise you not to dismiss all of them because some have not suited you. In fact--they usually make you feel worse before helping you. If you could weather that storm, you would then feel your nasty symptoms disappearing. As they say, each to his own so counselling may be the answer for you. I hope it is. In my case, it didn't get rid of the lack of seratonin in my brain which was causing my condition. I needed medication to up my dopamine levels in order to give me back that elusive feel good factor. One way or another, you will get better. Myra.


I am in the same spot as you but I still have a long time until retirement and I am struggling quite a bit at work to the point I have to leave early every day. My worst symptom is weakness and panic attacks with dizziness with all standing activities. I used to be such an active person and now I spend my time sitting. I am starting celexa tonight with my continued Busphar, I am really hoping it will help. Hopefully your medication will kick in soon, I know I have a while to go. Some days I do feel like it would be easier to be treated in an inpatient facility along with medical and mental help but I know I have to be patient for the meds to work. I absolutely hate feeling like I am going to pass out everyday at work. I also have lost about 10 pounds, I have no interest in eating and I also have GI symptoms. Let me know how you are feeling or you find something that helps with the symptoms.

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That must be awful feeling like that when you are with other people. I'm sure all of our symptoms are caused by our mental state but some of them could be due to other things and that makes anxiety worse--at least it does with me. I get in a right state over mine. What are GI symptoms, please? Let's hope we both get relief soon.I'll keep in touch with you if you like. Myra.


I used to be just like this, although somehow I managed to work. I would be nauseous with no appetite all day at work and then when I got home I would manage to eat something. My clothes got really baggy.

Now I struggle with every day things just like you - walking the dog, running errands, even doing simple tasks my husband asks me to get done during the day. I am trying to start up a small group of people on this site who would like to encourage each other in setting one simple goal per day and checking in with each other. If you would like, please come visit my page and join me in this. I would love the company.

Keep it up with your medicine and your appointments. Ask for baby steps to overcome this. Your therapist is right - your thoughts are not facts. Always always always reach out if you start to have thoughts about self harm. Do you have a few people you can call when that happens? If not, use a hotline. There is always someone who wants to help. I would love to help. Respond and visit my page. We can both take one day at a time.


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