Anxiety Support


I am a 16/y,o male and have recently had smoked weed then 4days later jafmy first panic attack around 4-5 months ago. And was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. My anxiety is so much better know, but I have an extended period of time before I see my therapist again and wanted to ask for some help on here. I beleive I have DP/DR-OCD HYPERWARNESS. Of body sensations, but I'm in a bit of a differ boat. My bodily sensation is more of a feeling. For example I have a scar on my head from when I was younger and now have a bump there, and I am focused in on this accompanied by a hyperawrness to it and supporting feeling. This could happen on any part of my body. Crown of the head, armpits and even knees. If you guys have any idea, please help a lost soul out. Cheers guys.


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