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No body seems to help or care


I been to doctor and took medicine or 3month now nothing helps I just feel like giving up on life I feel like dying literally why live if you feel like you're not living I just want to give up please help I say but all I hear or see is no help I can't breathe right I can't hear right I feel so dizzy I see flashing red why live 😢

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Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Just know what you are going through is temporary and you will be better 🙌🏾

I hope so I just feel desperate an useless and alone I can't stop crying but every time I cry it gets worse but I can't help it I feel like dead I don't feel alive like I use to I'm in so much pain I feel like my head getting tighter and so many health issue I be going through what the point of living if I don't feel alive what the point!😞

I understand what you’re going through, but please hang in there! It does get better and I want you to know that. It really does! I will pray for you tonight. You aren’t alone in any of this. God is by your side guiding you through this storm. He won’t let you fight it alone. Things do get tough I know but that’s life! We all have to deal with it at some point in life. You are so strong remember that! You have gotten through all those tough times before and you can get through it again! It’s only gonna make you stronger .

Why do I feel weaker right now I wish I can meet people like y'all in person n not feel alone in this n just know there friend that actually care and know what I'm going through I'm scared I'm just scared im in so much pain ,when my boyfriend sleeps I'm the one staying up and crying all night because all the pain I'm going through won't let me sleep won't let me be happy right now I'm dizzy and can't sleep I can't breathe right sucks being like this 😞😞😞

I totally understand! But you can always PM me I’d love to chat! Why are you scared ?

Vanessa, you are safe right now. This is anxiety attacking you from all sides allowing

all these physical symptoms to surface. We all have been through a time where it

seemed impossible that we would ever get better. But it does and will happen for you.

Yes you've been to a doctor, you've taken medication, but until the root of your anxiety

is addressed, it will continue. Along with that is accepting it as anxiety. Acceptance being the key in going forward in healing.

Did you have therapy while on medication? They do go hand in hand in allowing you to

work through your stress or anxious thoughts. Those negative thoughts are replaying in your causing you to lose sleep as the fear keeps building.

All these symptoms are an over abundance of adrenaline coursing through your body

right now.

Do you ever try meditation and deep breathing? That can help immensely in calming

down both your mind and body. It takes practice but in doing that daily, it can work

even better than meds.

Take a look at YouTube and check out this video.

I use it to calm my senses when overstressed with fear and worries.

"How to Calm Down during a Panic Attack"

by BuzzFeed Video. My best to you, you are not alone. xx

I know how you're feeling and it's a storm. It passes. I know its difficult but what helped me the most is a book called DARE by Barry McDonough. Please look it up. He addresses so many issues and there's even a Facebook support group on how to use his methods. God bless & know you are never alone xx

Thank you so much I will absolutely look it up I'm grateful for y'all support I also hope y'all get through everything ❤️

3 months and meds not helping? I encourage to see your Dr. and perhaps try another med. Their are many powerful anti anxiety meds available that provide prompt relief if your physician thinks the are a good option for you. Good luck to you & know that you will get better!

Hi Vanessa! Have you been cleared by your doctor and do you trust your doc?

I have map card and I'm new paitent they have me waiting for 3months to see a doctor so I been going to the hospital and they seem to not really care I'm just tired of always feeling sick no one wants to help me I just feel like I'm being tortured😞

That’s not good. Can you switch practitioners? I was the same way for almost a year. After suffering for almost a year I was referred to an ENT and they found out I do have a couple underlying issues. Stay strong and keep standing up for yourself until you know you’re in the clear. Anxiety can manifest in so many ways but you can overcome it.

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