Hi everyone I'm new to this. I've been suffering with constant nausea for the last 3 weeks. Been to the doctors had blood tests and everything come back normal. I'm also struggling to get out off bed I feel that I'll in the morning. It's really getting me down keep crying because I don't know what's wrong. Got no energy what so ever. Need help. The doctors seem to think it's anxiety but I'm not convinced

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  • That's good nothing came up in blood tests. I get like that sometimes. Perhaps us anxious types are prone to it?!

  • I feel like there's something wrong. I'm normally very active but I can't seem to do anything

  • Are you under stress? From my experience that can bring it on.

  • I don't feel like I am under stress but I feel that I'm worrying way to much about feeling like this. I feel very shakey and nervous.

  • Thanks yeah worrying makes us unwell. You could get checked out for stomach problem if your keep get any other symptoms like heartburn maybe.

  • Welcome to the club Mel! I have been feeling nauseous for almost 2 years now, some days it's better than others but I feel it's always there. I've had blood tests and endoscopy but all came back on so now my Dr thinks it's from anxiety. I sometimes find eating very plain foods help but it is rather boring :/ good luck

  • I've been feeling nauseous all day, every day, for 3 months. Doctors said there was nothing wrong. I had anxiety as a kid and teen. I took meds in high school to control it, but it made me gain weight so I took myself off of it. However, back then, my anxiety came through trouble breathing and shortness of breath. So the constant nausea was new for me. I see a therapist and try to meditate but that only helps in the moment. I'm scheduled to see a psychiatrist but am nervous to take meds again. On the other hand, I can't wait to feel like myself again. Good luck

  • Hi Kaitlin16 ....same for me - 5 straight weeks of queasiness and nausea - generally worse at night. I'm also on the verge of seeing a psychiatrist. I may try Lexapro which helped me with sleep issues in the past. Maybe it will help with this.

  • I also have a hard time falling and staying asleep. But the nausea is the most grueling symptom that I can't ignore. I hope meds help BOTH of us!

  • I would agree with your Dr. I lived on chicken broth and crackers for months,cried all the time felt so tired didn't want to do anything.ln my case depression and panic attacks.Im taking low dose Prozac and Xanax it does help me.

  • Fellow sufferer here! It's been months. I've had blood tests, and ultrasound and an endoscopy. All came back clear of any issues [of course]. I absolutely think anxiety plays a role [I am emetophobic] but I'm not convinced it's the only culprit. I went to a follow up the other day at the GI and she thinks I could be dealing with IBS. She wants to try a few things before I run and do a colonoscopy but I'm so miserable I don't know if I can wait. I'm pretty much housebound and it's ruining my life. Especially having a 17 month old who needs to go out and socialize.

    About 2 weeks ago I started mirtazapine for anxiety and supposedly it helps with nausea. I've seen a little improvement but then back to square one on Sunday, so who knows. It's hard to stay positive when nobody has any answers. I have to rely on memories and sort of put myself in them to remember/feel normal. If that makes sense? Just know you're not alone. Maybe talk to your doc about mirtazapine?

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