Sweating/night sweats - put on sertraline

I've been dealing with excessive sweating (especially on my feet) and night sweats for about 4 months. Before this I was on antibiotics and they seem to have set all of this off but the doctors say it's all unrelated)

Went back to the doctors on Wednesday and she's basically convinced it's my anxiety levels, which I can say are at an all time low for me and I've never experienced this before, and said I should go on antidepressants.

I reluctantly agree to prove a point almost, but now I'm seeing that sertraline causes an increase in sweating? I'm at the point where it's driving me mad and I wanted answers, not something to make it worse!

Does this side effect happen regularly? And has it ever actually cured anyone's sweats?



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18 Replies

  • Don't take antidepressants, you'll get hocked on them

  • Yes I sweat especially my head it dripping wet just like u just come out the shower

  • Is this on the sertraline? Because I have only been on it for two days and I've had the sweats for months. Dr is trying to convince my that it anxiety and the meds will help but I heard they cause it too?

  • No I'm on venlalic and I sweat it's ur anxiety

  • Do you take any vitamin s??

  • None at all, would this help?

  • Well I Google folic acid and vitamin b12 and I read a lot of post and the feed back was positive so I went and brought some from holland and barret £8each and I noticed my anxiety has dropped I feel better if you ain't got a holland a barret go ur local boots chemist don't by the cheap stuff they may not av a impact I also take magnesium... I can't say they work for you but I noticed a change its worth a cracking..let me know wat you think of the feed back when u Google it..

    Just type folic acid for anxiety and read lots of post I didn't come across a negative response... Mark x

  • Crack sorry

  • Can I ask how much vitamin B and magnesium you take? Like at what doses?

    Thanks :)

  • Did u Google wat I said hollies??

  • I recently started taking vitamin B and every few days I take magnesium. I also started working out and I really feel better. I have emergency Xanax and I haven't had to take any is weeks. I would definitely recommend trying it Hollie.

  • Thank you for replying! Can I ask what doses of Vitamin B you take? And it's it B12 or just B? And how much magnesium?

    Not very clued up on all of this and wouldn't want to over do it!

  • I take Natural B High Potency B-Complex....I read this right off the bottle. It shows Natural B very big. The brand is Spring Valley.

  • B1,2,3,6, and B12 are all in this vitamin

    I rarely take the magnesium because if I take it daily my stomach gets upset.

  • Hi Hollie,

    I'm on 100mg setreline & 80g propanolol to help with my anxiety troubles I also had trouble with sweating at night and was told to cut out wheat have done this for 2 months and I no longer get sweats along with some other symptoms I had have gone like foggy headed, frequent headaches & bloating! Also Zinc is good take 25mg & magnesium 10mg!! Do u have a thyroid conditions ?


  • 400mg folic acid. 1000mg vitamin b12 400mg magnesium (no calcium in) you should notice a change in 7-10days if it works good luck 🍀

  • One a day on each

  • After reading your reply Do you mind me asking were did you buy yours from ?? Holland Barrett ?? What do they help with depression or anxiety?? Many thanks il like to try them.

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