Undiagnosed illness

So A&E has become my second home.. I've been so ill in the past few months, I've had mumps, glandular fever, pelvic infection. It's all really affected me, it's driven me crazy. My anxiety has worsened, I convinced myself I was seriously ill and go to bed every night now worried I'll just die. I'm suffering with my chest, I have a bad cough and it feels really tight, partly due to my asthma probably. Recently I've been getting horrible calf pain/behind the knee and really thought I had a blood clot. My lungs feel heavy and it feels as if something is there and I can't stop coughing, I had a couple blood tests for clotting including a fbc and ekgs, a chest xray which was normal. Though they don't want to do a scan as they think the radiation will do more harm than good. They don't think it's a blood clot and I hope to god they're right :(


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3 Replies

  • Hi Missialeri, It's hard not to have anxiety when health issues come up one after another. Not only does your body get worn down but your mind can't handle the stress of this all and begins to make you doubtful. The negative thoughts start escalating adding even more stress. You need a break for a while. Give yourself permission to believe that all the tests done are normal. Put your energies into resting and getting over your bad cough. I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Thank you so much, it's exactly how I feel. I feel exhausted. It's one thing after another. Your right, I just need to take a break and believe that everything is okay.

  • Trust in God to look after you and try to stop thinking of all this stuff

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