This is who I am; and it frightens me

Hi, I'm new here. I don't know but i have been suffering from constant depression and anxiety for the last few months. I dont want to get medical help because im afraid. Only a few of my trusted friends know about my situation. I do not bother telling anyone in my family because i dont want to change how they treat me, i dont want them to think so low of me, i dont want them to pity me. Yes, i am broken, but seeing them like that would probably be the death of me. I wanna be fine, i wanna be happy but i dont know how. Im dying every day. And it sucks like hell.


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  • You should really seek professional help, trust me, it will benefit you. Don't allow yourself to sink. Love yourself enough to help yourself. And you are NOT dying everyday, you're LIVING everyday. Please try to stay aware of your thoughts and feelings. You're in the right community for support, I hope you feel better soon 😌

  • Thank you and sorry i havent had the chance to reply sooner. Im too caught up with school works and all. No matter what i do life is punching me straight and hard. Thank you, and i hope i'll really feel better soon.

  • Sorry, i don't wish to contradict what you said about not allowing yourself to sink but that is exactly what anxiety sufferers need to do to cure themselves. By allowing yourself to sink, you are allowing yourself to think and feel everything anxiety has to offer and accepting your fate, whatever that may be. You have given up trying to do anything about it and resigned yourself to feeling like that forever. You cannot possibly feel any worse and reach the point where you decide that you are going to live your life regardless of how you feel and take the anxiety with you. You have given up caring about how you feel. This is the attitude required to recover from anxiety. Be ok about not feeling ok and carry on.

    People stay stuck in the anxiety cycle because they fear that they will lose the plot and not be able to get themselves out of the hole if they don't fight it. However, with anxiety, the opposite is true. Fighting the symptoms instead of accepting them is the reason it hangs around.

    Loosen your grip (attitude) on anxiety and it's symptoms, Anxiety doesn't have a "grip" of you, it's the other way round and the sooner sufferers learn to let go and let it all happen whilst carrying on with their lives, the better they will begin to feel and the anxiety and all symptoms will gradually fade away.

  • Yes, im afraid. Im living my whole life afraid of what would happen. Im afraid of talking in front of other people to the point that i'll hear voices inside my head.

    Thank you, btw. Your reply really means a lot. Hope we feel better soon.

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