Struggling Again

Hello all!

I had a job interview today and I have been offered a trial shift with them but I really am not interested in the job in the slightest. I never actually applied for it, my boyfriends mum gave one of the employees my number and I just went along with it because I felt pressured into it. My boyfriend isn't understanding it either, he's working long hours, 7 days a week for us to get by and I feel really guilty that he's having to do that and that he's getting stressed out. However, he keeps telling me I have to accept the offer basically giving me no choice but I really don't want to do this job. I know what I want to do and I apply for what I feel I would be comfortable with but he's just not seeing it that way. We have already split up once because of my anxiety last year but now I'm getting worse. He wants me to get better but when I suggest doing something he never wants to do it. I've referred myself for therapy to try and get back on track as I was doing so well a couple of months ago. I'm so frightened that he'll leave me again and I don't want that. How can I make him understand and see that I need to do it and deal with it my own way and I need to have him support my decision?



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