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I think I'm losing my mine

I've been diagnosed with anxiety for about three years and got it while really young. Over time I've learned how to at least cope with it without mess and all was good. The past year depression has been kicking my ass... but still I cope I have my up and downs but that's how it is. But one thing I've noticed is I feel like I'm losing it. I have these break downs that aren't really covered by either disorder. I start freaking out about patterns and how each day is the same. It make me go mad when these happen because it's like everything I know is just broke down to nothing and everything isn't real. After these I always get super depressed and fall back to old habits. I do this weird twitch thing when I get anxious or angry and now it feels like I do it all the time and have voliant outburst where I yell and get supper livid about something as dumb as someone bumping into me. When I snap out of it and see what I have done while angered I always feel awful. It's gotten worse and while just thinking about nothing I get thoughts of pain and just violence. I catch myself think about how easy it is to just end people's life including my own. Please help I don't know what to do and I'm not sure who to go to.

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Hi have you spoken to someone about how you feel like family, friend, doctor about how you feel nothing worse than suffering alone. I know it makes you feel like your going crazy but as the saying goes if you think your going crazy your probably not any it's people who are crazy think their normal any psychiatrist will tell you that. The thoughts of hurting someone or yourself is our over active mind I know many people on here including myself have had these bad thoughts and it doesn't mean you will do it its the anxiety messing with you I no longer think these thoughts and if I do I just laugh at myself and think oh anxiety go away leave me alone as if I would do something like that. Don't let anxiety control you you control it don't let it win and you can get your life back.


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