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Itchy skin with anxiety

Hi there, I suffer from anxiety and fatique also bouts of depression. I have had a lot of stress over the last few weeks . With life in general and family members. I wondered if you can break out in itchy spots all over the top half of my body and neck chest and top of stomach also feeling depressed and very low , constantly tired and I wondered if wool and itchy fabrics could cause it, I have been getting a lot of headaches , I have made a appointment to have a eye test tomorrow,, I generally feel run down and in some sort of limbo as I don't want anti depressants as I have atablet phobia. I haven't changed my soap or anything and I have checked for insects etc. I have had this before but it was just on my neck , now it is getting worse any ides would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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Hi bluegirl123 i have been suffering with something very similar. I too have had a very stressful few weeks and have noticed that the skin on my neck has become very very itchy and have also had it on my arms and hands. It could be something to do with being very run down with stress but i think it could also be a physical reaction to high amounts of anxiety. I sometimes put a very cold flannel over the itchy area and this helps and sometimes i try and tell myself the itch it not real its just my brains anxiety manafesting itself into something physical. Totally understand the tablet phobia aswell i thought i was the only one! Hope this helps :)


I get the itchy skin all the time right before I get my anxiety panic attacks but no rash but yes the itchy skin with rash is also anxiety take benadryl it really helps,drink hot calamine with Limon and honey it will calm you down also you can drink sleepy tea before bed it truly helps you relax.. I down.loaded a app called end anxiety use ear phone's lay in bed relax and just listen to it trust me it will put you to sleep really fast I listen to it every night it a hypnosis app try it and let me know if it helps.. Good luck and dont pay to much attention to your itchy skin you'll be ok.. The more you pay attention to it the worse its get and it end up to be a panic attack


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