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Anxiety factor of feeling depressed?


hello. i want to ask if anxiety can make people feel depressed or get depression. Since my anxiety started severely 6mnths ago, i feel really down sometimes because of my panic. Generally i am a really happy person who is excited for a new day and never really experienced feeling down but now i get emotional easily.

thanks :)

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Unfortunately anxiety and depression go hand in hand. Basically your anxiety will get to you and start causing you to be depressed. It's just awful.

They do go hand in hand starting off anxious then turns to depression ,I feel for you it's a horrible illness ,your not alone Hun it's very common ,I've been on a low dose of antidepressants for long time it comes and goes and it's not nice ,iam usually full of fun but wen it strikes it changes my whole outlook , please go talk to somone get lots of support ,xx

Yes.. I kept having anxiety attacks and when I recently went to my primary care appointment she said I was depressed. I was extremely emotional, even while talking to my Dr. 🙄. I'm usually a very Happy person but I have been going down hill since September even though I always battled anxiety. I used to just get it at night here n there, now it's a hot mess lol. Try to do things that make you feel Good.

awh no poor you!! i wish u luck on getting better . this all started in September for me too :/ hopefully we will get out of this problem

We will get out of this 😊

Yes! I was what I thought the happiest person going. I've battled anxiety (undiagnosed) for as long as I can remember but then the moment it was diagnosed I felt so low and felt like my life had fallen apart. Reflecting back a lot of issues I've had in my life, I've never dealt with and this has lead to me feeling so low.

Have you been to see your gp? My gp has been really good actually. Originally I was reccomended ccp but I found this made my depression worse. Now I'm being treated for my low moods and I've gone back to ccp and it's working slowly I feel.

Yes anxiety and depression go hand in hand I have had episodes thru out my life and yes I would get the panic attack first then anxiety then depression would show up

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