Feeling embarrassed having anxiety

I feel quite embarrassed about having anxiety at 53 years old. I worry about my heart and feel flutters and other sensations and aches in my chest region and constantly worry. I recently had an EKG and have no reason to worry but am highly sensitized.

I went walking this morning as i am trying to make lifestyle changes to help my anxiety. When i get too worked up, i cry because i know nothing else to do and it provides me a release. Sharing here helps me too.

Does anyone use any particular strategies or have found solutions to ease worry about health anxiety?

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  • Hi Cjonesabq, You have nothing to feel ashamed of in having anxiety, at any age. Man or woman, young or old, we are all human and feel the same pain and emotions. I know how difficult it can be with the people around us who don't understand. But we must take care of ourselves, if we don't, no one else will. Going for a walk is a good way to reduce stress. Having a good cry is also a way to let out our emotions. Whatever works for you. Health anxiety came from something in our lives that left this fear deep within us. Therapy has helped bring it out of the shadows and helps us address what caused it. Taking good care of ourselves is what works best in healing our body and mind. Keep taking those positive steps. x

  • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I will keep taking those steps.

  • I too feel embarassed. And I choke back tears most the time. I'm so sorry for you but keep fighting the good fight.

  • Lets those tears come. I have found them to bring me relief.

  • I was around too many people. 😩😳

  • Don't be embarrassed! So many people suffer with anxiety and depression. I hid my postpartum anxiety very well, until I had a mental breakdown back in November. It was a nightmare from there on out. I've been to dr, cardiologist, ER. You name it. Everything is fine. I've tried so many different meds and I hated all of them! Not they don't work for some people, but I don't want to be on any. I have been in therapy since January and am on a regimen of herbs and supplements. What has helped me the most is acceptance. Accept the anxiety as a natural part of being human, it's just a little bit out of whack at the moment and being triggered unnecessarily. Like my therapist says, when your heart starts racing tell yourself "oh, there goes my heart again" acknowledge it and remind yourself that you are not in danger. The less attention you give it the less you'll be aware of it. Also, cry as much and as often as you need! We need that emotional release from time to time. Hang in there we are all righting the battle right along with you :) we can beat this.

  • No need to feel embarrassed !

  • Don't be embarrassed for having anxiety its an illness just like any other that you can't help having

    I use the You tube relaxation videos all the time they are fantastic Just type in relaxation you tube and you will find loads

    Deep breathing is good

    Books by Dr Claire Weekes are so comforting and would be fantastic to pick up and read if you feel like you need to cry

    If you have had an ECG and results fine then just accept the heart flutters are just a symptom of anxiety and won't hurt you

    There is a good video on YouTube called Doctor Explains Panic Attacks Its an Irish doctor called Dr Barry his words will help you

    Any exercise is brilliant especially walking as it will relax you

    Take care and good luck on getting well and no more feeling embarrassed you feel poorly just as you would from any other condition Hold your head up high and feel sorry for those who have no empathy or understanding of anxiety 😊

  • Thank you for the great ideas! I love Claire Weekesand will look into the relaxation videos too!

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