Tried of feeling I'll eveyday

My anxiety is really getting me down.... now I have high pressure and diabetes, feel dizzy, keep cotton wool constantly in my ears to keep balance, feel weak every day, when I go to toilet and bend feel that pressure in my ears when I sit. Really scary like I'm gonna fall.Homopathy doctor gave me relicalm tablets which is helping but so worried read it makes your pressure high, some days have a tight chest...please help


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  • Hi lerissa, when we have medical issues as well as anxiety it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is causing symptoms. Only your doctor will be able to tell you. Is anyone addressing your high blood pressure and diabetes? Are you on meds? All meds including homeopathic can cause interactions. Nothing is absolutely natural when mixed with other drugs. I think it best you have a GP doctor re-evaluate your medications in treating your medical health first. That may take care of your anxious concerns. Best of luck.

  • Hi, it seems I'm not really diabetic, had one high and the doctor says I'm not really diabetic for the pressure taking meds from the local clinic, Gonna get bloods taken this week, will update and Many many thanks for your reply

  • lerissa, I'm happy you are not diabetic. It can happen with a one time high reading, depending what we had eaten prior to the test. As for the high b/p, I also am on medication for that. Once the proper med and dose is found, you will feel good. Good luck with your blood tests this week and yes please keep us updated on your progress. If it boils down to anxiety then this is the place to be. :) x

  • I convinced myself I had diabetes turns out I don't and yet I still think I do lol why can't i think logically . The ear pressure thing really worries me too! I must of looked drunk walking to class today

  • Lol we are going to get better,

  • Yeah we are

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