Feel spaced out

My head feel light as a feather I don't get head aches and i can't focus on anythin.feel like im spaces out all the time..going outside in the sun makes it worse I have been experiencing derealization can any please help. I just want to feel better again


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  • i go through the same thing my vision seems wierd and always spacing out .

  • How long you been dealing with

  • like four months ago after I I experience smoking weed it gave me a panic attack for like 30 minutes after that they it change my life i've been getting a lot of symptoms that I never experienced before it's a crazy feeling honestly my friend was calm but I was going nuts so I guess it wasnt laced or anything is just triggers something that day but it hit me really hard because I still feel this way my heart races every day I guess symptoms in my body pain as well and unreal dream like vision

  • Is it derealization?

  • yeah and panick attacks and anxiety aswell

  • Have you taken any medication

  • i have paxil and beta blockers but nope i havent took them yet only beta blokcker sometimes for my heart when is going to fast hbu?

  • My head feels like that all the time do you take any medicine?

  • My head feels like that all the time .Do you take any medicine?

  • Lotus4 my head feels like that all the time.

  • NO

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