Is this is anxiety

Hi I'm from p.I I'm just wondering if could be a sign of anxiety after all the test ...ECG.ultrasound.xray.ct scan.CBC.more blood exam..the doctor that check on me is 16 doctors already..but they see nothing on me..why do I feel like my body is to heavy my head is heavy and have dizzy spells..shaky feeling..feeling of pass out..hope someone figure out what is it..thank you..


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  • Hello

    Not sure were you come from ...where is pl ?

    But it does not matter where in the world we live when anxiety affects us we all go through the same feelings so can relate to each other

    The symptoms you describe can very much be anxiety symptoms & as you seem to have been thoroughly checked over by so many different Doctors I think you can be reassured that there is nothing medically wrong

    Do you feel you are suffering with anxiety ?

    Have you spoken to a Doctor & asked if there is nothing medically a matter then would they think this could be anxiety & what could they do for you to help

    Keep talking to others on here & you may start to see that how you feel so many others with anxiety do to as well as looking at posts that share how they have over come their anxiety

    Take Care x

  • Thanks you very much for your reply..p.I means Philippines..I see many different story here that same as my symptoms..would you mind if I ask on how can I help my self to overcome this anxiety..

  • Hello

    Thank you for explaining p.l what a nice place you come from :-)

    We can get into a negative way of thinking which creates fear which results in anxiety and once we get in that mind set it can feed of the fear and seem to difficult to reverse but we can reverse the way we think , it can take time & lots of support but can be done

    I would ask your Doctor if there is any therapy you could be refereed for , I am not sure what you have over in p.l

    I have put you a link , it is some relaxing exercises have a quick look it really helps if you can follow what it says :-) x

  • Thank u sowmuch...

  • Sounds like anxiety. When i feel real edgy, I go for long walk, drink water, eat healthy (bananas, grapes, almonds, etc. And get protein, vegetables and fruit in your meals. Get good sleep. Stay active and involved in things you like to do. The anxiety is there but getting busy makes it less annoying. Talk to your dr. Maybe he can prescribe something to help you relax. The more you think about it, the more anxious you become and your mind starts imagining all the bad things. Keep busy. Also dont shut people out. Talk, laugh and enjoy their company. It's hard but push thru and it will get better. Takes time but it will. One day at a time.

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