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Nothing good

What can I do when everything is rotten and not fair in my life.Job home and health,feel like cap have a cap life and home life is cap to.

Should I just pack a suitcase and just go.Hope for better else where.Fresh start.Feel so broken down.And nothing is fixable.Unless I up and go.


At least if I move away.I could replace start my life.

Just feel no one gives a CRAP so why should I

48 and my life is crap

Does any one have a map link to hostels around Europe.

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My life feels like crap too right now, but I'm seeking professional treatment. Just started on a new medication. The thoughts you have may be pathological, like mine and you have every right to feel better and not alone. Talk to your family. Friends. You're not alone. It's just that it's hard for people to understand what they can't see. Generalized anxiety disorder, my thing, is an invisible disease, so I try hard to let people in and really comprehend what I'm going through. It can take a really long time. I don't think no one in my family truly understands how this feels. But they should because it gets way easier when somebody knows and doesn't judge us. Maybe if you leave your hometown, your country, you'll be missing out on getting better.

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It's just got worse been short paid by 358.12


I know. I'm considering changing profession


I wish I could go somewhere else (my kids and husband to) we both would love to get up and go we live in the UK and would love to live in Australia. Hate our jobs and the area we live in. So if you feel you need a new start go for it if that's what your heart is telling you. Good luck.


Sounds silly, but happiness is about perspective. I have to remind myself that I have healthy daughters, a home, food on the table, a stable job, a loyal wife.

I am a negative thinker, so I can easily twist that into: my daughters don't have enough, my house could be bigger, the food is pretty basic, my job pays ok but I should be making more, my wife has no time with me and focuses all on the kids.

I think that's where my anxiety stems from, my negative thinking pattern.

It's harder to be anxious when you're focusing on the good things. Try to change your perspective.


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