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Had a enough

I don't want to sound like a martyr because I have had enough of this anxiety but I can't cope for much longer this episode has lasted nearly a year had medication nothing suits has theraphys today I wanted to go out couldn't anxiety won tried to watch a film too agitated anxiety won nothing seems to work im so tired I do all the breathing exercises etc it's getting tougher and tougher I cant cope much longer help me please

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Hi Meadow, not much I can say to make you feel better but I just want you to know you are not alone and someone is thinking of you dear. Had you built yourself up so much to go out and then dropped out at the last moment. If so, I do know how you feel. Done that so many times. Don't waste anymore of your day worrying about it. You can try again when you feel differently. Don't beat yourself up, just rest and carry on with the breathing. You have done your best for today xxxxxxx


hi meadow,

I agree with ellabella and I am sending you positive thoughts. I think that it was only when I gave up the "I'm fine!" thinking and admitted I'd had enough that I started to get slowly better. I allowed myself to have awful days were I didn't leave the duvet, or I couldn't get to my cousin's birthday meal. Losing the guilt - if I had been ok, she knew I'd have been there, takes a lot of the pressure off. I'm posting a blog on something that might help, please let me know if it helps.

You are not a martyr, you have a recognised, debhillitating [sp?] condition and it's good you ask for help. A year is a long time, but it will improve.




Hi Meadow,

Sorry to hear you're feeling so bad. I have too just come through 6 weeks of hell. I never knew this sort of thing existed until I got it. I was so bad, I left my job and my home and came to Austria to be with my parents for support (my parnter was no help as he just didn't understand). My doctor gave me citolapram, which I'm still on 40mg and propranolol (beta blockers).

I have been to see a Specialist here in Austria (as I wasn't getting better, even 5 weeks in to being on citolpram and beta blockers). She prescribed me Mirtazapine 30mg, which for me WAS a "magic pill", they say there isn't one. It relaxes you, helps you sleep and it DID bring down my anxiety level, to where I wasn't anymore. Go to your doctor and ask for it. It is non-addictive as well, unlike Diazapam and other seditives. I also followed as best I could The Linden Method, read it, or buy it is you can (cheaper on Amazon). Charles Linden went through a horrific time too and he and produced The Linden Method, it helps, but go to you docs and ask for Mirtazapine. I was at the end of my tether and this was my magic pill.

Let me know how you get on. REMEMBER..the best thing to do is NOT dwell on things, go out if you can and DO things, DIVERSION is also a great thing slong side medication. I know how hard it is, don't give up, you will be well again soon. Your not ill remember, you just have higher anxiety than normal and you won't be like this for much longer. Get up and go and see your doctor.

Hope this has helped


I just read your comment again..DON'T EVER say anxiety won. You need to start making your mind think in a different way, so that your subconsious isn't thinking anxiety.

Read The Linden Method..this will help help you understand this way of thinking.


Hey meadow...i have had panic attacks and anxiety for some time now and have tried clomipramine..propranolol an severel other types od meds and nothing feels like it worked for me. After a trip to the doctors he tol me that meds only cover up the issue u need to change the way u think. Start by getting sport. It helps to have someone with u whounderstands ur struggle when u make those important it slowly..first stand at the door. Dont plan to do anything else. Next time take a step out. Do it in small steps. U will find it hard but it will get easier and each step u take congratulate urself. Dont feel bad if u cant just think neverminf and try again. U CAN do it. Havr faith in urself and think of all the amazing things u can do if u achieve just one small step at a time. U are not mad. U certainly arent alone...and u can achieve great things one small step at a time. Google footprints. Its a great help and read mindfulness for dummies. I am getting betterand staying positive. And if u believe in a god....ask for help. U may be surprised.


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