Very worried

Hi feeling very worried at the moment. Just wondering has anyone else experience anything like this .

I've had three lymph nodes pea sized swollen in left side of neck for three months now had boold test done and chest xray all OK. After that the hospital gave me a appointment to see a specialist and he said didn't seem like anything to worry about and scheduled a ultrasound for 5 months later. So after explaining how anxious I was he agreed to move it up for the following week . Ultrasound done doc said I have multiple swollen lymph nodes on both sides and told me not to worry might just be reacted nodes and I must wait till next week to see specialist . I've no other symptoms night sweats ect. Any advice would be great .


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2 Replies

  • I have had the same about two years ago, I still have the lumps and all is fine.

  • That all sounds very reassuring and nothing to worry about.

    You are clearly a worrier though and need to learn techniques to control your anxiety as it will be a recurrent problem otherwise

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