Just wondering

Is this site just in Australia or is it for anywhere , hope you don't think I'm stupid, just wondering.


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  • Banjorosie, It's around the world. I'm in Chicago :)

  • Azing

  • Meant amazing

  • Amazing🙂

  • I'm in Indiana

  • I'm in the UK babe so it's global

  • California :)

  • San Antonio,Texas 😃

  • South Australia🙂

  • Northest Ohio :-)

  • I love the fact that this is global, anxiety pen pals .

    It's great we're able to share this stuff that happens to us .


  • I'm amazed, wonderfully.😀

  • Mommacb I'm from northeast Ohio too!

  • Oh yeah?? Hey!!! :-)

  • Hi from Australia .

  • Sending you positive Vibes from Philadelphia

  • Great🙂

  • UK here

  • Belfast 😀

  • Not far from me 😀

  • Its a small world lol 😀

  • It is lol 😂

  • I was born in Belfast though ☺

  • Wow.

  • Norwich England 🙃

  • Hi from Australia🙂

  • Georgia here

  • I feel quite stupid, didn't realize this forum was global. Hi from Australia.

  • Hey it's ok . I am was happy to see that I wasent alone with anxiety and it assent just in the south lol it's all over the world . And I have learned a lot on here . And the fact that meds r different in ever place I believe someone said they don't have xanax where there from but the take opiates where there at for anxiety

  • Hi there. I take opiates for chronic pain but try to limit them as I'm on so much medication for other ailments including kidney failure - anxiety & heart failure , but it's very nice to hear from others in similar conditions.

    Keep safe & well everyone enjoy your day .

    Peggy ❤😂❤️

  • G'day from Scotland 😊

  • Louisiana here

  • His from sunny west midlands England 😂

  • Hello.

  • Texas

  • Hi there .

  • Durham England.

  • Hello, this is great.

  • G'day !

  • Peggy from London UK

  • Hi there.

  • Hi from Norway

  • Am still amazed. How lucky are we to be able to chat with the world, so grateful.

  • Hey Banjorosie, look at what your question did in bringing us all closer together.

    Glad you asked. x

  • Me too , still am overwhelmed by the responses .😊

  • Hi there

  • It's worldwide. I'm scottish. I don't think your stupid

  • Thank you, really didn't know it was global, just said in a previous message, how lucky are we to able to share this shitty disease with the world.

    And that we can get feed back within minutes, am so amazed.

  • Yes this is a debilitating disease. We can share our experiences on here. No judgement or questions asked.

  • Hi from Canada

  • Hi.

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Hi there

  • North Carolina and I wasn't aware either.

  • Hi there, glad I'm not the only one.

  • One big happy family

  • Well we really do tell our most inner most thoughts. It is like we are all family.

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