PAWS and anxiety

Hello, I'm new here and I'm looking for anyone else that might be struggling with post acute withdrawl and anxiety. Most likely health anxiety for I think I'm going to have a heart attack or stroke out everyday. I drank to cover up anxiety for many years and 6 months ago I decided it's more important to watch my kids grow up than it is to live by the bottles rules. I knew withdrawl was going to be bad but holy crap what has happened after the first couple weeks has been straight out of a horror show. First three months I was sick, real sick all the time. I had attacks daily were I just curled into a ball for a few hours feeling like death and finally ending the attack with a good sob. The last month has been better, but I still have the non stop feeling I'm going to die and the memory problems from PAWS really really are frustrating. Tried Prozac at the beginning of this journey and it was a really bad idea, it turned me into a zombie and that's when the memory problems began. Can anyone tell me what might have worked for you, or what really didn't. I'm I'm counseling, eating better, staying busy but as soon as I stop moving the cycle begins. Haven't had caffeine for 2 plus months and stay away from a lot of sugar but still get a rush after I eat anything. That in itself is bizzar and frustrating. Looking for normal again, will I find it?

Thanks for reading


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  • we going through same thing my started doe after smoking weed cought a panick attack then ever sense had these feelings for three months doo your heart always start racing ? mines is like everyday but they say im fine or could feel that your heart is going fast sometimes then you touch your chest and its really not its just beating hard.

  • My heart doesn't race much at all actually. Seems like it should be with all the dizzy spells but then I check and it's only 70 bpm.

  • use to feel like that now its my heart😩😩 worried about it

  • You sure will it takes time I get that feeling of doom restlessness hearts pounding out my chest fear of dying of some terminal illnesses when I know deep down I'm not but my mind convinces me I am I've had it 17 years now and get these episodes of health anxiety every few months and it's a scary ride.know ur not alone though

  • Did meds or anything help? I'm on nothing at the moment and wonder if I should consider that option.

  • I have been on a low dose of xanax as needed I go weeks with them but if I have a bad attack or an all day anxiety then I take one

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