I got diagnosed with ibs a few weeks back, but I'm getting dizzy a lot and every now and then lightheaded, I've had bloods checks and eye tests and still tests all clear, the dizziness comes and go without warning, docs are saying anxiety because when I had the stomach troubles I instantly assumed bowel cancer, I was going outta my mind with worry, I'm now starting amitriptyline 10mg a night for the anxiety but do anyone else get dizzy/lightheaded with anxiety? And for no reason?


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  • Yes I do Nathsame46, for me it's usually a sign that I am dehydrated. Drinking a glass of water usually helps in restoring that clear headed feeling. I'm sure your worries about your stomach feed into that anxiety as well. You know anxiety symptoms are not always that clear cut. But know that they always are for a reason and that's because are minds are not at rest. Good Luck on the Amitriptyline, hope it helps in quieting your mind so that you can get a good night's rest.

  • It's a very common effect of anxiety so try not to worry about it Nathsam.

  • Nathsam46, dizziness and lightheadedness are very common symptoms of anxiety and ibs is very closely linked to it too, it comes and goes. Although I didn't realise it at the time I had a mild form of ibs starting 3 years ago after my best mate died suddenly. Like you Doctor Google out the frighteners on me, at my age I should have known better. I had blood tests, ultrasound, gastroscopy and even a CT-scan and they couldn't find a thing, I must have bankrupted the NHS budget for south west London single handed. Then a few months ago the penny dropped, it was a mild form of ibs. At that point I stopped worrying about it, I accepted it, nobody dies of ibs. Then I forgot about it until a week or so ago when I suddenly thought Whatever happened to that pain in my right side (ascending colon)? By accepting it without fear and forgetting about it the ibs had faded away.

    What Agora1 says below about anxiety doesn't start for some good reason is very true. We've usually been stressed or worried for some time (some people it's their job or it's money or it's relationships or maybe guilt or grief) but there's usually something that sparks it off and causes our nervous system to become ultra sensitive. So the important thing is to identify what worry caused the anxiety and put it right. Easier said than done but it sometimes helps to take a trusted friend or relative into your confidence and ask for their advice.

    Anyway, you DON'T have cancer, that's the important thing. 10mg of amitriptyline is quite a low dose, years ago my doctor put me on 75mg a day and then I went on a maintenance dose of 50mg daily for quite a while. It's a good med, been around since the 1960s so no unknown side effects, but it takes 3 weeks to fully kick in. It went out of fashion for a while when alternatives like Prozac came along, but now it's come back in popularity because of its few side effects (it can make your mouth dry). Of course, nobody wants to stay on meds all their life so make a road map for your recovery to include a talking or reading cure and accepting symptoms without too much fear which is what causes anxiety disorder.

    Let the group know how you get on, good luck!

  • Thanks for that m8 really hit the spot :)

  • Yes! I get dizzy and lightheaded all day.

    I also have IBS and get super spacey and light headed everyday before having a Bm. It's awful

  • Yes , I have had this si ce january, doc says anxiety, it hits you from nowhere, spinning inside my head, same for you??

    It's terrifying, how does this come from nowhere.

  • I get like a sick dizzy light headed feeling with strange stomach feelings like I so hungry but I can't be as never let myself get hungry :( horrible ain't it

  • Sure is, I don't get any nausea, just want it to go.

    This anxiety shit is so debilitating, I wish it would just leave me and everyone who suffers from this alone.

  • I get nausea a little, I'm now thinking I could have SIBO? It can make u dizzy light headed and feel rank

  • And mine started mid January too. How strange

  • What is SIBO?

  • Small intestine bacteria overgrowth, people with ibs can have it as a cause of ibs, it's when bad bacteria get inside the small intestine and feast on food before it's digested resulting in toxins being released in to the blood which can then cause light headed and dizzyness, this is what I've read anyway

  • I use probiotics and they really help. Have you ever tried them.

    Also coconut oil because it can kill some of the bad bacteria.

  • I have actimel daily and will try the coconut :)

  • I hope it helps.

  • Sounds awful , hope you don't have it. I hope you start to feel better, I see my doc on Wednesday , I just want it to stop.

    It's just so exhausting , feels like I've ran a marathon, this dizzy shit is driving me crazy, always waiting for the next time for it to happen . It just comes from nowhere, I might not even be anxious at the time, then the panic starts, round and round.

    Don't mean to go on, thanks for listening and for the chat.

  • Banjorosie, it's ok silly I like to chat :) and yeh tell me about it I was working this morning singing along with the radio and bang I go light headed and dizzy and felt so rough :(

  • Let's hope we can get through this , nice chatting with you.🙂

  • I reckon anxiety causes loads of crap to happen to ya, I was fine till I had anxiety then a paracetamol will all off a sudden kill me !! Drama queen or wot.

  • Not at all m8 it's a nightmare :(

  • Tell me about !! I can't even get drunk in peace these days. What a life !.

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