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Hey guys

I'm still having a real tough time accepting that this is just "anxiety"

Slept fairly well the past 3 nights with no night attacks felt pretty good yesterday with one mini attack but felt anxious and panicky a couple times but considering what I'm usually like that was a really good day for me.

This morning I couldn't help but think about my anxiety and when another attack would come and shortly after I felt a little lightheaded then had another mini attack. Still feeling a little off.

I just want this to go away

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Hi Donna,

It sounds like you are generally improving, in the short time I've known you. I think the road to recovery here is quite long unfortunately, but at least you have started down it. Keep up the breathing, the positive outlook, the sleeping and if you're not walking, start to. How's the course doing, are you gaining anything from it?

I am on that road too. I had a mini attack yesterday, too, but took it by the horns and said 'NO'! It put up a good fight, but I came out the winner.

A lot on here have said just think about the present, not the past, not the future. I think that's good advice. I try to practise that, too.

Good that you managed some sleep over the past few nights. That is also key to recovery from this horrible thing. I sort of feel ok most mornings, now, but that fades as the day goes by and I get the jitters. Weird how it makes you think the worse about any incident. I hit my head, not hard, yesterday, and now I think, what will that do to the inside. Stupid I know, so I'm trying to push those thoughts away.

I missed the naturo appointment yesterday :( work situation had me too far away, not realizing the time and wouldn't have got me back there in time. Rang them and they were 'ok' about it and rescheduled. BUT got my chiro visit this morning. WON'T be missing that! I've missed a few appointments that way, it annoys me about this job.

Yeah, my kids are pretty awesome! And I don't say that cos I'm their dad, I say it because they are! LoL! It's my daughter's 8th birthday tomorrow. Gawwd time flies, I remember like it was yesterday, when they handed her to me for the first time. I was present at the birth of both of my children, it was so amazing. And I don't care what anyone says, NO ONE was built to go through that!

I've enjoyed our chats over the past few weeks and look forward to them. I am glad you're improving, it seems to me. As much as I enjoy that, I look forward to the day when you and I won't be coming on here anymore.



Ugh the message I sent you yesterday didn't post :(

Anyways here it is

Hello Peter :)

I gotta say I always smile when I receive a message from you. I really do enjoy talking to you.

I know exactly what your saying about how u hit your head and then had all these thoughts. I had bad headache the other day and it made my anxiety 10 times worse. It's crazy how it works.

I'm so sorry you missed your apt that's no good. You will deff have to let me know how it goes when you actually go. Please :)

I like to think I'm getting better also. Fingers crossed my program is and will work for me. I'm learning a lot about myself and realizing just how precious life is and since this whole horrible thing started I have learned to love a little deeper. We all need to slow down and not take things for granted.

Of course I'm trying to remember to think positive which isn't always easy but I try and the deep breathing I need to practice more I'm actually suppose to practice 10 times a day according to me program and sleep well that's something I used to always look forward to but not anymore which makes me feel worse :(

Oh yes that's another thing I learned in my program to live in the present not the past as you can't change it and not the future as you can't predict what will happen and trying to live on the past or the future only makes you more anxious which makes sense. Right

Now about the part of us getting better and not needing to come on here well that would be great as I want nothing more for us than to be better but then I wouldn't get to talk to you and that would be no good :(

Anyways I hope your having a great and look forward to your next message

Donna :)


Hi pink :-) sounds like you've had a few good days which is good. We need to make the most of the good days and when having an attack try and remember them, by thinking about our attacks we make it worse and yes it brings them back on grrrr horrid attacks, Hope u slept better tonight :-) lol it's almost 4am and I've just woke up to massive chest pains. There was something on Facebook which I read going through my mind right now causing this attack. See we should not read anythjnv about illness either.

The article was about a woman who had heart attack and what she felt whilst it was happening.... So obviously I'm thinking ...this is finally it, this is the end...actually I'm feeling quite calm about it so trying to keep the attack away, see it's our minds playing with us. Health anxiety needs to just go away and leave us all alone :-) hope you are feeling better but just wanted to share that. Keep thinking of the good times when your anxiety was at a very low


Hello Evey

Thank you and yes I had been having a few good days till now as I was laying down with my little girl I was starting to fall asleep then felt extremely panicked or jolted or something and woke up. Have you ever had that?


Hi - your post just popped up on my newsfeed and I had to reply. Yes, that happens to me A LOT.

It is a very nasty, very common anxiety thing. Try to settle yourself back down and relax. Do your breathing and with any luck you'll drift back off to sleep.

Best Wishes



Hello lizard

Thank you for the quick reply means a lot.

I can't really describe the feeling it's weird maybe like a passing out I don't know. But it scares me :(


Hi pink :-) oh yes had that a number of times, just as you are relaxing and trying to sleep WHAM attack starts .... It's very draining mentally emotionally and physically I find.... Have a lovely day


This is where my health anxiety comes into play. I'm always so afraid something is wrong with my heart even tho drs tell me I'm fine. I can't help but wonder is there something wrong because it's not normal to feel like passing out while falling asleep :(


Hi Donna,

I think with the passing out feelings, with me when falling asleep, I'm so absolutely exhausted from lack of sleep that I'm tending to 'pass out' from early afternoon till when I eventually go to bed.

Once I hit the pillow, it's lights out almost immediately, like 'passing out', but as I said, it's from exhaustion, not anything else. I feel yours is probably the same.

Now, c'mon, you were starting to feel better, so get your mind off the symptoms and on to more positive thoughts, like fun times with your daughter.

I think a portion of my anxiety is HA too, it's no good. I feel like every ache or pain is something serious. I have a headache from where I hit my head yesterday and my mind is wandering off with all that it could be. Remember, you suffer from anxiety, that's all. You know what that does to the mind. I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this, try and keep those bliss times in the majority.





Having a rough night. So tired of this anxiety. Feeling anxious and lightheaded :(


Hi Donna,

Sorry to hear that. It's no good for sure. I hope now, 12 hours later, you're feeling better and on top of it. I think it's early morning there now, is it? It's 10.55pm Friday, here and I've had a long day, I'm just about to drop.

Surprisingly and thankfully, I didn't have an attack today, and even felt ok, just ok. No tension or jitters either. I think the Zoloft might be kicking in. People on here have said it's pretty good. We'll see as time goes by.

I think your startled response when you're trying to go to sleep is simply that you are aware that you're dropping off and feeling like you're losing control, your mind gives you a shot to wake up, but I don't think it's 'fainting' or anything like that. This happens to me the same. Lately, I've been so exhausted that I don't tend to be aware, when my head hits the pillow, it's lights out almost immediately.

I know what it is, yet I sometimes get startled too, like you. I was going to sleep watching TV for a long time, or I'd put the laptop on the bed and watch a movie. Often, I wouldn't get five minutes into it, and I'd be out! So it takes your mind off dropping off and you don't notice it. Next thing you know, the cock is crowing and the sun is coming up.

I try to go to sleep without any of that now, I do find it's more calming. As I said, I'm so exhausted, I just drop off quickly.

Like right now, I dropped off for a bit and had a startled wake up, see! So tired.

I'll say g'night for now and talk later. You try and make yourself feel better, ya hear.



Hello Peter

Thank you so much and yes I am feeling better. Woke up feeling anxious and I do not care to start my day off that way but I just gotta push through.

Yeah I think you may be right about the startled feeling just as your falling asleep. I was reading about it yesterday and it's common on people who suffer anxiety but I'm not so sure that makes me feel any better because well I'm a worrier. Blah

I try n fall asleep without tv but I do listen to my relaxation tape every night and fall asleep to that.

Hope you get some sleep and let me know how Zoloft is working for you.

It's almost 10am here cuddling with my girl watching treehouse. Gonna get her some breakfast and ready for the day :)



Peter :)

Yeah I don't know what it is. It doesn't happen all the time but it's when I'm first falling asleep and I feel like I'm going to pass out or something and it startles me awake. Scares me. I think I'm going to ask my dr about it.

I'm so very tired this morning as I didn't get much sleep I kept waking up i thnk in fear of passing out or something and that makes me extra crabby but what can you do.

I'm not exactly feeling better right now well maybe at the thought of reading your message ;)

Hope your sleep and day is better than mine



Hi pink :-) hope you are having a good day... Sadly feeling like that is a normal or rather I see it as a normal part of anxiety cos that's when your body is trying to relax and that's when your body starts to notice more of the pain...at those quiet times :-( you are not alone in how you feel at night


Thanks Evey :)

I'm trying to have a good morning but I'm super crabby. I had a long rough night. Something kept waking me up.

I guess I gotta look at the positive at least I didn't have any attacks in the middle of the night.

Hope your having a good day


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