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Hi, I have had anxiety almost all of my life but one day I woke up and I felt off balance and had really blurry vision and I have down fall feeling and weaknesses I, I was getting a lot of panic attacks but those went away. But now I have constant been dizzy and tired and blurry vision with the same down fall sensation, I am 19, and really scared plz help me get this off me I don't even know what is it any more

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You have pinpointed the cause you are scared Once you stop being scared you will be well

How long have you felt like this ? If it's a while then it's got to be anxiety or you would be very poorly by now and probably the last thing you would feel like doing is posting on here I'm sure your loved ones would have whisked you off to A&E too

Have you been checked out by your doctor and had yoir mind put at rest

Analyse your symptoms and see it's anxiety fuelling them Then day by day say It's just anxiety it can't hurt me and you will lose your fear

I know I'm making it sound so simple I know it's not but the key is relaxing and losing the fear

All the very very best x

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Thanks that was really helpful


It's adrenaline that rushes through your body it will never ever do you any harm

It always follows the same pattern starts by a dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach then like a fire going through you and you feel the worst will happen Then it dies down Keep watching it and you will see its the same every time

Trust me I've been there you can get better and you will see it as a nuisance nothing more and then it will go xx


You have to just grin and bear gets better eventually......going through the same stuff. Keeping yourself occupied helps a lot. Good luck


You won't have to grin and bear it for long You have a great attitude xx


Hi Jose; I am so sorry you going through this...I have this every day too..I have anxiety for nearly 30 years, no balance, especially when I go into a store, or out walking..foggy, and have blurred is an awful way to I had to go shopping, and I took my Aunties walker with me..helped me great..but I did feel a bit stupid.this falling weakness.. I also have..I have no answer to cure this..I just try to manage it as best I GP says its anxiety.I cant tolerate meds, but mayby you can..and they do help some

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Thank you all you guys are really helpful


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