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Heart racing, chest pain, dizzyness,

Ok so I have suffered on & off with this for years now. I'm 20yrs old. I have had blood tests, about three ECG'S all of which have come back "normal"

I can't help but wonder... 'is there something they haven't found yet? could it be more than stress & anxiety? Should the doctors be doing more?' 'Do I need to keep pestering?'

If anyone has some advice or feels the same as me or knows some more about this..... :) thanks guys x

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You sound extremely similar to myself. I've had ecg's done, blood work, multiple doctors listening to my heart, yearly physicals. And that thought still crosses my mind often. However you have to trust in their conclusions since they are the experts and we aren't. I know that's easier said than done. But how many times have you had those feelings? And how many times have they been physically harmful or serious? Try to think of it that way.


Hi thank you for replying, I know I try so hard to tell myself that it's nothing that they have done tests, I just always tend to think have they missed something? Could something have changed? If it's not one symptom it's another


Things can change at ANYTIME, that's just part of life we have to except! But you're young and by the doctors healthy, just remember that! Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. I still worry often, but try my best to stay positive and keep going forward!

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