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Waking up with heart racing


Does anyone wake up with heart racing as if you had a nightmare/ terror? It also feels like my entire nervous system is shot. I've been experiencing this every morning for 2 weeks now. Some mornings are worse than others. It's frightening because I wonder if I'm damaging my heart.

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Ive had this a few times. And I did talk to my doctor about it. And he eased my mind when he told me that your heart is not going to get hurt if it races once in awhile and what's best is to just try and calm yourself. It's not a heart condition it's anxiety. I would also recommend not getting to hot while sleeping. I notice it happens more when I'm hot. Keep fighting that fight and remember it won't kill you and it's not some kind of heart condition. Just anxiety making you feel like it is. :)

Thank you. I'll be seeing my doctor tomorrow to see if maybe it's also hormonal. I just turned 40 and of the sudden anxiety has been so hard to deal with. I've always been anxious but NEVER like this! Thanks again.

Wow, that is soooo true about when getting too hot at night that it wakes me out my sleep with tachycardia. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one this happens to.

i have had all of the symptoms you have got over the years, waking up in the night sweating,heart racing, wondering what is going to happen next, just try and remain calm, easier said than done, but if you are worried perhaps a mild Beta Blocker would help you a great deal,see your GP Propranolol are excellent, i take 10mg when i get this rapid heart rate, been checked at hospital a few times and i am fine, so stay calm, it will pass, keep cool at night,and keep off caffine drinks,best wishes.

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Still get racing heart beat from time to time, had a bad one yesterday but settled down after 10mg prop, still a worry but what can you do???? just get on with it, put it down to it will happen again, don't eat after 7,little snack but nothing heavy,no caffine drinks,keep cool in bed,don't wrap the blanket around you also limit your wine intake,try the above and best wishes xx

Used to happen to me, I was worried so my Dr put me on a 24 hour Holter monitor to rule out heart condition---but it eventually went away---don't drink caffeine before bed!! :-)

100% agree! No caffeine before bed. This will def trigger an episode!

I read that your cortisol levels are lowest in the morning and it makes anxiety worse. I feel like this at least a little almost every morning. I use to let it freak me out and set the tone for my day but now I get up and eat something like a banana or toast and it helps. I wasn't able to drink my morning coffee for the longest time. I really hate it but I try to remember it's just my anxiety and nothing more. Good luck!!

I've been through it all with Panic and Anxiety Attacks I'm Taking 50ml of Atenelol... For my heart and Xanax 1ml 3 times a day I do good on them....

C-L Rose

Thank you everyone! One day at a time is all I can do for now.


I'm having the same thing only my chest and upper back is hurting. This is the first morning

Hi Brahmi, just curious how this turned out for you. I hope you are beyond well by the way. I know it’s been years since but this has just happened to me. Just turned 40, and anxiety hit me worse than ever. Thank you!

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