Good Morning

So let me just start off with Yesterday was a Great Day. No fear, anxiety, panic... NOTHING! Fast forward to this Morning about 530am, Hubby is getting ready for work and I decided to have a bowl of cereal with almond milk (I don't like Milk and haven't had cereal in about a year). I then fall back to sleep for an hour maybe but when I woke up I was gasping for air, my chest was so tight. I didn't panic, I drank some water and tried to stay calm. Now about 1 1/2 hrs later I feel really acidy.


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4 Replies

  • Has this ever happened before after eating? Would it be GERD? I have and o wake with the feeling of anxiety flowing over me, and slight nausea, but no acid reflux feeling. Did you try a Tum or any anti acid? If you do have stomach issues, they say to have the head of your bed on 2 bricks to help with the reflux. I also sleep with 2 pillows. I hope it goes away and you return to feeling good!

  • I don't recall it happening but I remember going to the ER over the summer for tightness of the chest and I had what I believe was an ultrasound done. The Dr. Told me I had gas in my chest lining and He prescribed me some sort of liquid but I never took the liquid. I'm going to try sleeping with more pillows. I think that will help. Thanks

  • How I hate ER rather am afraid of it. Yes, they do echo cardiograms. I imagine he prescribed anti acid. Do give the 2 pillows a try, it can't hurt, then you are not laying flat and any acid has a harder time coming up your esophagus. Take care.

  • Thank You 😊

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