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Help relieve my mind please

Okay so I used to suffer with panic attacks all day. I started on lexapro and it finally went away. Of course I have mild anxiety I can handle, but it's not a big deal or anything. So like a few weeks ago I started getting this aching pain on one side of my head, I get this pretty much everyday. Some days are worst than others. I did a lot of research. I don't really have symptoms of a brain tumor, well I don't think. One other thing it could be is occipital neuralgia. I have a lot of those symptoms. Could also be ice pick headaches. Of course I'm not a doctor, but idk I just feel like I'm dying and I'm so scared. I can't really go to the doctor until a month for insurance reasons so I'm hoping someone could ease my mind for now.


Left side pain in one spot comes and goes

Sometimes radiates to other places

Neck pain

Behind Eye pain

Head pain everyday for about 2 weeks

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Could be a cluster headache or just cause you are focusing on it .. I m sure it's nothing to worry about .. That will only add to the tension.. We all get random aches and pains that come and go .. Try and relax ... Don't look too much on Google either!!!

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Try something homeopathic in the mean time. Epsom salt bath to help ease tension in your muscles, chiropractor or massage therapist to could help your neck pain too... I use a family member when I don't have an appointment set up. Heating pad when I get to sit for a while. Ibuprofen.

Since I got whiplash in a car accident I have headaches like what your describing, those are the things I do to help my pain.


All these can be caused by stress and anxiety.

Go to the doctor for reassurance and just to be safe. But these wouldn't be uncommon for someone with panic attacks or health anxiety.


i get the same ill get these cold stabbing pains mostly on my right side then sometimes it'll switch to my left side, but i've had this weird tense pressure feeling in my head for about 3 days but can't pin point exactly what part of my head or where it's coming from 😰

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