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Citalopram help

Hi everyone,

I have been on citalopram 10mg for 4 years because I had a panic attack one day at work. The medication helped a lot, for a long time. However, I'm starting to have really awful anxiety again. A lot has gone on in the last year (death of my father, switching schools, breakup of relationships). Anyways the anxiety has gotten so overwhelming that I don't even want to go to class, or go anywhere for that matter. I tried upping my dose to 20mg of citalopram, which I've been taking for 3 weeks. The side effects are awful. Made my anxiety 50x worse, made my thinking weird and scary, mood swings, panic attacks everyday, lightheaded, dizziness, feeling like I'm going to pass out every time I'm in public. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else has had these side effects before when upping a dose. It's been such a nightmare, I don't even want to take the 20mg today. has anyone ever had these side effects and then came out on the other side? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi , yes I've had the side effects , you do come out the other side it doesn't last(6 weeks for me) have you tried 15mg ? Half a tab for a week then go to 20mg some people are very sensitive and this may help. Preserve you can get better and tell yourself it's side effects and anxiety not a great combination but I will beat it! Hope that helps a little.


Thank you. Great to know I wasn't alone feeling that way. I will try a few more weeks.

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Hi, yes I was on citalapram and had awful thoughts it was terrible .. But after a couple of days it got better.. X


Yeah I got these sort side effects when put on 30mg so had to go back to 20mg and got put on pregabalin.


Hi there ! I'm on 30mg Citalopram , the side effects are quite normal ( very weird normal in my book) but yes you do tend to feel worse then you will feel better. Does anyone suffer with having to go to the loo every hour? I have been on these for about 4 weeks, its driving me bonkers & I don't sleep well as it is, you have to laugh ! (my mum was on these & I remember her feeling pooh until they got into her system)


when I was on citalopram first time round a few years ago, it was brilliant, it helped me tremendously. I have been prescribed it again and I have experienced awful side effects that much outweighed the benefits, I felt like a zombie and i basically said to the doctor's sod that, I am not having it! At least without the tablets, I want to find out how I really feel.


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