Anxiety taking over

Hi all, my anxiety is out of control, im having panic attacks on a regular basis lately, I hd to leave a friends house on friday after just 30mins, feeling immense fear, cold sweats and vomiting, trying to take back some control I started a 6wk class in my local area teaching you about anxiety, why it happens, how to help ourselves etc and after a while I had to leave there also cause I took a panic attack, its taking over my life, im on sertraline 50mg but its not helping.....i feel powerless in my battles with this illness 😞


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4 Replies

  • You're not alone! I'm so sorry you are suffering from this horrible illness, I wish you the best!

    The best thing I can tell you is what somebody else told me... Do what you love! Keep yourself busy. Fall in love with something, or somebody. Pick up a new hobby. Read a book. Hit the gym. Just keep yourself busy! You can get through this!

  • How long have you been on 50mg? According to my pdoc 150mg to 200mg is recommended dose to treat GAD. I have just weaned off lexapro while starting Zoloft and am at 125mg for the last 4 days. Maybe you need to up your medication for awhile?

  • I'm only recently on sertraline because iv been on duloxetine, citalopram and vensir but non of them have helped, it just seems to be getting worse 😞

  • Well try and give it 4-6 weeks and then see what happens. I am just starting to feel the effects and it is week 4 for me.hang in there!

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