Am I winding myself up?

Ok I'm back here once again 🙄 Somebody I want to school with died about 2 weeks ago from leukaemia. Which was a shock considering I'm only just 23... but I seem to have become obsessed with it ever since. I've noticed my shoulders and neck are sore/feels like my bones in the top of my arms hurt. I've got a red spotty rash all over one side of my body that doesn't leave. My neck glands have been swelling randomly, I haven't bruised or felt more tired than normal or anything... I'm so worried once again 😫


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  • Mrheap, Death hits us hard when it's someone our age but that doesn't mean it will happen to us. Life is filled with the unexpected. It's one of the reasons we need to live each day to the fullest. Grab hold of the positive things. Mourn, feel sad for those who left this world all too soon but don't let it drag you down as well. Right now you are experiencing the sympathy pains of your friend and it's making you think you may be sick as well. Remove those thoughts from your mind and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy being alive.

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