So, this may seem weird but I think the anxiety symptoms are easing up because I took advice from someone in the community and didn't fight the anxiety. I just let it play itself out. Now I'm having this butterfly feeling in my stomach, which I had pretty much all day but I don't feel so stressed. I used to have the butterflies in the beginning at night all night before I went in to the depression. I'm wondering if it's going away. Idk lol


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  • Hi Tanae,

    I have stomach issues nearly everyday I get the butterfly feeling is mainly in the mornings, once I get up it sets off for no apparent reason. Doctor has put me on Pregablin tablets (Lyrica) which is an epilepsy drug but apparently it's good for anxiety (GAD) I also take Mirtazapine. I did feel an improvement for a while then it flares up again.

    I meditate and try to keep occupied as the day goes on it does fade. I hate this feeling but just have to live with it tablets don't really help me, but I'm scared to come off them after having bad withdrawal symptoms recently.

    I wish you well for the future and you stop having the anxiety attacks.


  • Hi, Thank You. I hope you stop having anxiety symptoms as well. I hope we all day and get to be happy.

  • Your hope for me has already happened! I have almost completely stopped having anxiety symptoms. I rarely have them! Thank you for your hopes and well wishes!

  • I'm happy for you BonnieSue. x

  • I'm so Happy For You. There is hope.

  • Yes, that's what I'm trying to say! Thank you.

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