Mid Night Pregnant Anxiety 😞

Hi guys

I'm not moaning, I just wanted to see if anyone else has suffered anxiety during early pregnancy, unfortunately at night for me.

I wake up at any random time in the night, sweating, heat racing and I rush to the toilet thinking I'm going to be sick, but haven't been so far. I get back into bed and I'm all anxious and nauseas, finding it hard to sleep. 😴

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  • How many weeks are you? I found I was quite anxious at the start of both of my pregnancies but it would subside at around week 8-11

  • I'm 7 weeks tomorrow

  • Yes i did, but I'm usually pretty anxious anyway. Pregnancy is a big deal and there's a lot that a person could get anxious over. Makes sense.

  • I definitely felt anxiety in the early weeks of my last pregnancy. Mine occurred first thing in the morning (which is unlike my usual nighttime anxiety). It didn't help that it was winter and I constantly had a nostril completely blocked, so I developed a whole new anxiety of not being able to breathe properly..In general, it subsided after the first trimester. I felt a little isolated because unlike everyone else who wasn't pregnant, I couldn't drink, take a xanax, couldn't eat some foods, had to be careful and knew that I was different in those ways. Looking back, it was a hard road but the logic of it was truthful. It was a fact that I was in a special state but I could have viewed it in a more positive light. I had two little ones to get to daycare at 7 am, then to work... it was stressful and I think that was maybe why my anxiety was stronger. I lived to tell about it and you will too. This is temporary and probably related to hormones. Try to remember that at all times. You will get through it, and hopefully forget about it (as we do about the pain of childbirth) and will be a fab mama!!

  • Thanks very much ☺️

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