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So for about a week now, i have been off of my wellbutrin. This comes after 3 different anti depressants not working so i wanted to get off them completely and see how i would be. My doctor said sometimes we forget they're working so when we get off them and feel anxious again, we'll know they were actually in fact working. At first it was going really well, now not so much. I think its the stress from work and school. Like for example i get a lot more migraines, and my vision starts to go blurry a lot, especially when im at work i feel like my vision is constantly getting blurry when im stressed and my face looks flushed. I actually remember feeling this way before taking the meds, however i dont think that the medicine was helping that much if it only helped a few symptoms. Because for the most part they didn't. I reaally dont want to go back on them i want to try some natural approaches. Does anyone know of any? My doctor also said if i do want to come back to medicine he can do whats called a gene test. I guess where they take a saliva sample and based on how you metabolize things, they can find medicines that would work best for you. Has anyone else had this done? Does it work?


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  • I tried 5 different anti-depressants and it felt as if it made my symptoms worse in the long run. Theres a few things I would like for you to try, not saying they'll work. But who knows right? And if your at the point where I am you'll try anything, right? 1 table spoon of cinnamon after you take it plain drink it down with some water.. The benefits are amazing and is know to relax your body. In the morning a shot of apple cider vinegar, its known to detox your body and clean out all the bad that might be floating around. There's a lot of tea that you should look into getting as well "like" hibiscus tea or pink rose stress balance. Use those at night. Good luck and I pray for your healing!

  • Yea im going to try those thanks! And yes i feel like theyre worse ?

  • Your welcome! I hope those help you

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